Friday, April 8, 2011

Who Does Number Two Work For?

Yes, my friends, this is it.  We have reached that universal milestone in our development as a family.  Conversations about poo-poo.  Here is just a small sampling of the dialogues overheard in the Lilahbility household of late:

Scene: Outside the door of our storage room.

Lilah:  Lilah close?  Lilah close!

Amanda: Lilah, please don't close the door to the storage room.  The kitties need to get in there to use the litter box.  The kitties might have to go poo-poo and they need to get in there.

Lilah: Lilah close?

Amanda: No Lilah, no close.  Kitties poo-poo.  That's where kitties go poo-poo.

Lilah: Kitty poo-poo?

Amanda: Yes, Lilah, kitties poo-poo.

Lilah: Lilah poo-poo!

Amanda: Yes, Lilah does poo-poo too.

Lilah: Too.

Amanda: That's right, Lilah poo-poo too.

Lilah:  Kitty poo-poo too?

Amanda: Yep, kitties go poo-poo too.

Lilah: Mummy poo-poo?

Amanda: Yep, Mummy goes poo-poo.

Lilah: Daddy poo-poo?

Amanda: Yes, Daddy poo-poo too.

Lilah: Ummmm... Annie poo-poo?  (Annie* is Lilah's BFF)

Amanda: Yes, Annie does go poo-poo.

Lilah: Ummmm... John poo-poo? (John* is Annie's dad)

Amanda: Uh, yeah, I'm sure John goes poo-poo too.

Lilah: Ummmm... Ellen poo-poo? (Ellen* is Annie's mom)

Amanda: Yep, probably.  Everybody goes poo-poo.  Lilah goes poo-poo, kitties go poo-poo, Mummy goes poo-poo, Daddy goes poo-poo.  Everybody goes poo-poo.

Lilah: Annie poo-poo?

Amanda: Yes, kiddo, Annie poo-poo, John poo-poo, Ellen poo-poo.  Everybody goes poo-poo.

Lilah: Poo-poo!!!

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.


Scene: Outside the bathroom door.

Lilah: Mummy, open!

Amanda: Lilah, Mummy's going potty.  Please go play with Daddy.

Lilah: No, Mummy, open!  Lilah potty!

Amanda: Lilah, Mummy really wants to potty by herself for a minute.  Please?

Lilah: Mummy, open!  Open!  OPEN!  Lilah potty too!

Amanda:  Sigh...  okay Lilah, enter at your own risk.

Lilah: Yaaaaaay!  Mummy potty!

She likes to talk about it, stand on it, and carry it around the house,
but she won't actually use it.


  1. Sounds like somebody needs a copy of "Everyone Poops". We have it and Rose isn't quite there if you want to borrow it.

  2. Theo can say fart, poo poo and pee pee. He says pee pee while he's peeing on the floor or in the bath and poo poo pretty much anytime. He does use fart appropriately followed by hysterical laughter because what's NOT funny about that? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

  3. Everybody poo-poo. I've had that conversation a million times over.

  4. You might want to check the litter box, to see if it is unusually full. I won't name names, but it has happened!

  5. Love it!
    Jack is truly a Schwartz. He loves to go into depth about his poop.
    "Mommy its log"
    "Mommy nugget"
    Good times ahead I am sure.

  6. that is soooo funny...i love it!!!! so cute..

  7. This is a hot topic for my 2.5 year old son. He is also obsessed with the hilarity of passing gas.


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