Wednesday, March 31, 2010


"I'm kind of intense."

That's my standard answer when asked to "write a little bit about myself." Like in the sidebar on a certain social networking site where we all waste far too much time.

Apparently Lilah inherited the intensity trait from me. We noticed early on that she had the same hypersensitivity to stimuli that I do. She startles easily, can't stand any sort of bright light in her eyes, and always had a hard time falling asleep just anywhere, even as a relative newbie. I was always jealous when I saw new babies who would sleep peacefully in their strollers or stretched out on their mom's laps in the middle of a noisy coffee shop.

She's always been hyper alert as well. And when I say always, I mean always. Like from birth. She came out of me with her eyes wide open. Before her shoulders were even out, she was just a head sticking out of a vagina with eyes wide open. I know, I know, that's quite the visual. I actually have a photo - our doula got a little overzealous with the camera - but I'll spare you.

Anywaaaayyyy... back to Lilah. Once she has made up her mind to do something, she is completely single-minded in her efforts to reach her goal. And now that she is mobile, there really is no stopping her. My days are spent trying, but it's pretty clear I'm fighting a losing battle.

Even her voice is intense. The kid has a set of lungs on her. She produces shrieks louder and shriller than I ever knew a human creature to be capable of. This she did not get from me. Must have been her daddy's contribution. She routinely startles other babies and causes them to burst into tears with her insanely loud and high-pitched squeals.

Yep, she's kind of intense. And she gives me a run for my money every single day.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I can't believe she was once this tiny...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Get your mind out of the gutter.

I'm talking about beaver the animal. Which is what Lilah thinks she is, apparently. There are big toothy gouges on her crib rails to prove it.

This is worriesome for two reasons:

1. Paint chips and wood splinters - probably not the best thing for baby to swallow, but at what point do I need to start worrying about toxicity?

2. She's not even 9 months old, and we need this crib to last until she is ready for a toddler bed. But at the rate she's going, there will be nothing left of it by then!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Out of the Woods...?

Today is day 17 with no reflux meds. I'm gonna live dangerously and say it just might be time to start celebrating. Yeah, I said it. Suck it, reflux meds. Wooohoooo!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Fashion Tips straight from the Lilahbility

1. Don't be afraid to mix bright colours and bold prints - spring is all about getting noticed!

2. Do remember that patriotism never goes out of style.

3. Do mix basics with more couture pieces, like a jaunty stainless steel chapeau.

4. Don't forget to accessorize.
5. Do build an outfit around your fave pair of shoes.
6. Don't be afraid to go gansta once in a while.

7. Do get bonus points for originality - a custom-made t-shirt fits the bill.8. Don't miss out on this season's must-have trend - the romper!

9. Do rock an edgy hairstyle.

10. No matter what you're wearing, do wear it with confidence!

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Lesson in Perseverance

I like to be good at things right from the start. I usually don't continue with new things unless I excel at them from the beginning. At the risk of sounding conceited, there are lot of things I'm good at, so why bother wasting time on the things I'm not?

Breastfeeding has been a completely different story. Before I had Lilah, I didn't know much about breastfeeding. I only knew that I wanted very much to be successful at it, and was prepared to work at it because I knew it was both challenging and important.

I had heard all about my sister's struggles with breastfeeding her first child, and I was under no illusions that it would be easy, even though it should be the most natural thing in the world. But I never thought it would be as difficult as it turned out to be. I figured we'd have things down pat after a few weeks of struggle. Probably because of Lilah's reflux and almost constant tummy troubles, conquering breastfeeding has been one of the single most difficult things I have ever done. I am quite sure that, without the advice and inspiration I received from my sister, and without the postpartum consulting our doula did for us, I would never have persevered. But persevere I did, and I am DAMN proud of myself (and Lilah!) for hanging in there. Nothing could be as rewarding as simultaneously nourishing and bonding with my daughter.

Another thing I did not anticipate was becoming so passionate about breastfeeding in general. I can't express how proud I am to be part of a local (and global) community of breastfeeding mothers. It's not just a way of feeding your baby, it's a way of life. Breastfeeding is a huge commitment; truly a lifestyle choice, but one that I would like to see more and more families make. And that can only happen through advocacy and education.

If you'd asked me a couple of years ago, I probably would have said that Salma Hayek putting that orphan baby to her breast in Africa was a bit creepy and maybe overstepping her boundaries. Now I would not hesitate to breastfeed another woman's starving baby. That's why this article brought me to tears and inspired me to write this entry. If stories like this happened more often, the world would be a better place.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Oh, gawd, daycare! It's really time to start thinking about it. In fact, I probably should have had this organized months ago.

In just over three months, I will have to go back to work. I have been shoving any thoughts of this scary change to the very back of my brain; shelving it away for a (totally fictional) time when it won't make me so anxious to think about it.

Staying at home with Lilah all day just became fun, like, two months ago, and now I have to start thinking about packing her off to spend the majority of her waking hours with someone OTHER THAN ME!!! Just the thought of it makes me sick to my stomach.

Maybe if I just don't deal with it, it will all go away? Somehow, everything will just work itself out. Oh, that reminds me... Today's jackpot is $30 million. And I'm off to buy a lottery ticket!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mommy Brain

Well, we all know I'm a word nerd. And if you didn't, we established that in my last post. So, imagine my chagrin at having lost the ability to retrieve the perfect word from my mental... what's it called? Oh yeah, lexicon. Just one of many skills that have fallen by the wayside since I got pregnant and had a baby. I am constantly experiencing that horribly annoying "tip of the tongue" phenomenon. I find myself using 5 words when one would do... if only I could think of it!

The results of a 2005 study ("Mommy Brain") from Simon Fraser University suggest that the sex of the baby has an effect on mom's memory. Women in the study who had girls showed poorer memory skills than those who had boys.

So if this blog sucks, you know who to blame. No, not Lilah, it's not her fault she was born with girlie bits! I blame the Hubs. After all, he's the one who contributed an X chromosome instead of a Y.

To compound the problem of baby and nursing hormones shrinking my gray matter, I rarely find the time to work out my brain the way I used to (or my other muscles, for that matter, but that's a whole other blog entry). Since Lilah came along, it now takes me about ten times as long to even read a book. And I'm not talking a deep, profound read, people! If you asked me what I'm reading right now I'd be embarassed to admit that the only thing I have on the go is the March issue of Glamour magazine. Oh, the shame!

My fear is that this situation won't be rectified by the time I have to go back to work. A speech-language pathologist who can't speak doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the hearts of parents and children! I'd better get going on some crossword puzzles or something.

So, yeah...*Insert perfect witty closing line here* (For your information, I had a good one but... I forgot what I was going to say.)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lab Rat

I knew my kid was smart, but... yesterday she earned herself an honorary Bachelor's Degree from UBC, just by looking at blinking lights and listening to nonsense syllables!

I took Lilah to be part of a study on infants and language acquisition. I assure you, nothing could be more thrilling to this self-professed word nerd than to have my own child involved in this research! It is changing the face of what we know about how infants and children acquire language. I had to learn about it while doing both my undergrad and grad school at UBC, so it's pretty cool to now be connected to the very same research through Lilah.

Lilah in her "Infant Scientist" t-shirt, and with her degree certificate!

Next stop, Master's Degree...!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Bubble Wrap

Lately Lilah has been doing laps around her play pen (or her "cage," as the Hubs fondly refers to it). Today she learned to pull herself to a standing position instead of making one of us do it for her. Awesome, right? Except that now I'm in biiiiiiig trouble. *Sigh.* Barely 8 months and far too mobile for her own good. Can I just wrap the kid in bubble wrap and call it a day?


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