Sunday, January 12, 2014

Funk Busters

Okay, the moment has arrived. Confession time.  Here it is: I spent much of the latter half of 2013 in a funk. A big one. I blamed it on a million little things that added up, but the truth is, it had more to do with my own stress management and letting these little things get to me than with the things themselves.  

I'm determined not to let 2014 go the same way. Because, after all, who is really in control here? Me, of course! 

And so I give you my list of activities that are pretty much guaranteed to bust me out of a funk, even if only temporarily.  I should probably carry this around in my pocket all year as a reminder that I can actually do something about my mood. And -bonus!- these are things that are mostly free or at least inexpensive and pretty easy to do on the fly.

1. Dance party! Anywhere, anytime, and almost always involving the kids.  Usually in the kitchen, or while jumping on the bed. But dance parties can be mobile, so anything goes.

2. Watching the baby (okay, toddler, if I'm being honest with myself) sleep. Seeing a body that is constantly in motion during waking hours finally still; lips puckered, long eyelashes fluttering against the softest cheeks... brings an instant sense of peace.

3. Watching the big kid sleep. That four-and-a-half-year-old mouth that never stops making noise is finally silent, lips parted slightly, breathing deep and heavy.

4. Taking a long bubble bath with a good book and a glass of wine.

5. Watching Glee. I have always been, and will always be, a sucker for a good, slightly cheesy, song and dance number, especially when intermingled with the occasional love story.  YouTube clips of flash mobs that end in marriage proposals also slay me.

6. Reminding myself that it's normal. Whatever parenting or life challenges I am having, I'm not the first mom to have them, nor will I be the last. 

7. Listening to the Raffi Christmas album. I don't intentionally set out to listen to it in the middle of summer, but sometimes it randomly pops up on the iPod and I've discovered it's actually physically impossible to be irritated with my kids while listening to "A Child's Gift of Love" or "On Christmas Morning."

8. Unleashing my frustrations on a heavy bag or some Thai pads.  (If you're new around here, you should know I'm kind of a ninja.) 

9.  Finally getting a decent night's sleep. (This one is easier said than done.)

10.  Skipping down the street holding hands with my four-year-old.

Tell me what your funk busters are - I'd love to add to this list!


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