Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday of Few Words: Like Mother, Like Daughter

I have heard from a number of sources that my daughter doesn't look much like me.  But I don't look much like me at age two, either, which, must I remind you, was thirty years ago.  The Hubs can take credit for her blue eyes, but I think you will find, upon examination of the following photographic evidence, that my daughter looks more like me than you would think upon first glance.

Here's me at roughly two years of age, circa summer 1981:

And here's Lilah at almost 22 months, spring 2011:
Sure, the Hipstamatic effect helps, but I think it is plain to see that she is her mother's daughter through and through, right down to the stocky little legs, protruding belly, flower clenched in a chubby fist, and flyaway blond hair swooped over the right eye.

That's my girl!


  1. Everyone always ooh and ahhs over how much my son looks like his dad. In our case it is totally true. I can't see myself in him at all, but he has got my kindness which I just love to see.

  2. wow! that's an impressive re-enactment of the original shot - were you trying to recreate it? lila really does look like you as a 2 year old! now i want to go find some of my 2 year old photos to compare with jake's...

  3. I know, right? I didn't do this on purpose - my sister saw the photo on Facebook and mentioned that there was a similar one of me, so I went back through some oldies I had scanned a long time ago, and there it was. I get so many comments on how she looks like the Hubs, so it was nice to see some of myself in there too!

  4. She totally does! Apparently, or so I've heard, kids often resemble their Dad's when they're very young so their Dads won't eat them (in other words, provide for them).

    Sidenote: I'm going to do the same thing with Theo ;)

  5. Huh! Amazing resemblance - who would have thunk it- nice :)

  6. Wow she really looks like you in that picture. I always get the comments about how much the kids look like Adam.

  7. I remember that shot of you. I also remember that little terricloth outfit, which had been mine 6 years before! Yep, Lilah is definitely her mother's daughter.

  8. How neat! You two ladies totally look alike. Hipstamatic effect, or not. You're both adorable.


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