Monday, April 25, 2011

Of Pagan Rituals and Sugar Highs

Beware those old Pagan traditions...

Lilah has the good fortune to participate in not one, not two, but thee days' worth of celebrations, including a ride on the miniature train at Stanely Park, multiple egg hunts, and Easter Sunday dinner at her grandparents' house.

One of Lilah's pals getting cozy
with the bunny

All this revelry, while loads of fun, does come with a few adverse side effects for the young toddler:

1. Easter Bunny and chick mascots can be intriguing, and many toddlers enjoy shaking their hands, hugging them, and pulling their tales.  But for a shy girl like Lilah, caution and a small dose of fear will win out over curiosity.  After warily approaching the mascots, she balked and came running to hide behind my legs, and I really can't say that I blame her.

2.  Those miniature foil-covered eggs can be tricky for little toddler fingers, resulting in extreme frustration, since well-intentioned offers of "Mama help?" are often fiercely rejected.  Foil may or may not have been consumed by said toddler.  Only time and the diaper contents will tell.

 3.  In order to partake of these rituals, you must be willing to put your pride aside and parade about with a serious case of Chocolate Face:

4. The sugar high that follows all of this chocolate consumption may result in poor judgement and the inability to properly operate the toddler equivalent of heavy machinery:

Hope your Easter long weekend was as fun and fulfilling as ours was! 

Now off I go to do an extra load of chocolate-stained laundry.  Some of it is even Lilah's.


  1. We had some serious cases of sugar highs here too. Love the skirt!

  2. That foil can be tricky, but once it's off, let the games begin, people! Chocolate is no joke!


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