Friday, February 25, 2011


As I've mentioned, Lilah is talking up a storm these days. Two-word utterances are now quite common and she is really starting to realize the pure power of words. While most of what comes out of her mouth is quite cute, there are a couple of word approximations that I find particularly interesting. 

The first of these mispronunciations is "boobies" for blueberries.  Lilah is a huge fan of blueberries.  She is also a huge fan of her mama's boobies.  Perhaps I would be flattered when she compares my mammary glands to a food she holds in such high esteem, if it weren't for the delicate matter of size.  I'd like to think that my boobies are slightly larger than blueberries.  They did sustain her for the first several months of her life, afterall, and she still rather enjoys their output, if I'm not mistaken, even if much less frequently than she did as a newborn.  I think this kid may need to become more familiar with the ancient adage "never bite the boob that feeds you."

And then there is my all-time favourite Lilahism, "buttcheese" for garbage.  I'm not quite sure how she came to call garbage "buttcheese," but I really can't argue with her logic.  If one were to happen upon some buttcheese, the first thing one should do is dispose of said buttcheese in some type of garbage receptacle.  Don't you think?

If you've been following for any length of time, you'll know that I'm a total word nerd and language acquisition is one of my favourite topics.  So humour me with tales of your kids' early words in the comments!


  1. Fraser's Mama25 February, 2011

    At the doctor's recently, I was getting a breast exam. Fraser was there with me, sitting in the stroller. When I took off my shirt he said "milk", then the Dr. started the exam and he said "Tickle!", when the Dr. started on the other breast he said "Side", which is what we say during nursing when we switch to the other side.

    Thank you for your postings, Amanda.

  2. Love it! Nothing gets past them these days, does it?

  3. HA HA HA! I love "boobies" for blueberries! That is just awesome! "Buttchese" for garbage is oddly appropriate.

  4. I love it!

    Oscar rarely mispronounced words for very long, but I wrote this post about one particular mispronunciation. It was a doozie:

    For the longest time, Miles said "bitches" for fishes, so if he wanted some goldfish cracker he was ask for "gold bitches." It killed me every time. He also say "pan-cheese" for pancakes which I think is dead cute.


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