Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Stylish" Me: 7 Things You Probably Didn't Know

The awesome and ever-so-stylish Harriet at See Theo Run has bestowed upon me my first ever blogging award - and a Stylish one at that!  I guess it takes one to know one.

At the risk of coming off a whole lot less stylish, I'll abide by the rules of the award and share seven things you may not know (nor want to know!) about me:

1. I look a whole lot better with makeup on.  I know this because, whenever I am not wearing makeup, people are constantly approaching me with a concerned look on their face and telling me I look tired.  Nope, that's just how I look without makeup.  But thanks for your concern.

2.  I am highly competitve when it comes to both sports and word games.

3.  I wanted to be a marine biologist when I grew up.  That is, until I realized I would have to apply myself in such challenging high school classes such as chemistry, maths, and oh, I don't know, maybeee... biology.  I settled for applying to Arts programs at several universities, and then somehow ended up with a M.Sc. afterall.  Life is full of surprises.

4.  I seem to have a low tolerance for dairy products, so I save my alotment for small amounts of cheese and large amounts of dessert.  Some things are worth a tummy ache and some flatulence.  (Tres stylish, don't you think?)

5.  My hair is extremely confused.  The top layer is straight, the middle layer is curly/frizzy, and the bottom layer is straight again. I'd be happy with curly or striaght,  I just wish it would just make up its damn mind already!

6.  I am actually a ninja.  (More on that in a future post.)

7. I love me a good nap.  Speaking of which...


And I'm back!  (Still look tired, in case you were wondering.)  And now, to spread the love.  Here are my nominees for the Stylish Blogger Award:

Juju Be Baby: Celina's (extremely brave!) year-long adventure traveling around the world with her husband and toddler Juju in tow
Old School/New School Mom: Sarah shares daily anecdotes and points out the ironies of motherhood
The Adventures of Brain Tumour Man: Taleen documents her family's journey as they take on her husband's brain tumour diagnosis and prove that they are true superheroes
Oscarelli: Jenni barely contains the chaos of life with two boys only 18 months apart
All Day I Dream About Food: My sister Carolyn proves that kickin' it low carb in the kitchen doesn't mean sacrificing flavour or fun

Cheers, stylish ladies!  Feel free to pass this on or ignore it completely.


  1. ahh so true..nothing like a good nap.....ive just caught up...great not going to comment in all..but you look beautiful in the self portrait.

  2. You like to nap! That's crazy talk! I love Sarah Fader as well ;)

  3. Thanks Amanda! I need you to give me a blogging 101 sometime - I don't even know how to reference old posts. Teach me wise one!

  4. I think your hair is not too shabby.
    I think you are very stylish. Harriet just beat me to the punch.

  5. Wow, and award! Well, I guess I have to thank my kids, who make my snot and food stained wardrobe possible, and can also take credit for the dark circles under my eyes and my sensible shoes. :)


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