Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Talented Friends, Part 1

You may recall that a couple months ago I asked my friend Sarah to make a baby backpack for us to give Lilah for her first birthday. If you need a refresher, you can read about our little Spice Girl here. Once it was decided that Lilah is 3/4 Scary Spice and 1/4 Sporty Spice, Sarah got straight to work designing a backpack for the li'l miss.

The backpack arrived a couple of weeks before Lilah's big day, and we are extremely pleased with the results. Sarah usually makes the backpacks in cotton or flannel, but keeping Scary Spice in mind, Sarah felt a silkier material was in order, so this is a bit of a departure from her usual style. The shoelace drawstring closure and ribbon straps address Lilah's Sporty side. The straps are long enough that Lilah has room to grow into the backpack, and my hope is that she will fill it with treasures and take it along with her when she goes to daycare, the park, a friend's house, and wherever else her little heart desires - just one more step in our busy girl's quest for independence!

So, without further ado, here it is:

Sarah's handiwork - Lilah's custom baby backpack

Lilah's modeling debut

You can check out other Sew Inspired products here.


  1. That back pack is adorable. I love it and it fits her perfectly.

  2. So cute!!! Such a baby fashionista.


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