Thursday, July 8, 2010

Me and My Baby McGee

If you've been reading along for a while now, you've probably figured out that I'm a giant nerd and my brain is capable of a whole lotta random. So it probably doesn't come as much of a surprise that I have about a million strange and silly nicknames for Lilah, including but not limited to: Pooper Scooper, Poopalicious, Poops, Poopums, Pooperooni, Boober, Booger, Sugar Booger, Bugaboo, Goober, Bubby, Stinker... the list goes on. By far the most random one that I've come up with is "Pickles McGee." Don't ask me why, but I started calling her this early on, and it has stuck. I have absolutely no idea where this nickname came from, but it's cute and quirky, and it kind of suits her.

When you're this cute, they call you Pickles.

I'm sure I'm not the only one with random silly nicknames for my kid - tell me yours!


  1. she sure does have a lot of nicknames.....pickles mcgee!! lol...
    i call Ryan - monkey. thats it. nothing to wild and crazy. Monkey.

  2. I laughed at Pickles McGee because when one of the kids passes gas at our house, we call that Toots McGee. Not sure where it came from.

    Sarah: B. Snooky and Sarah Girl

    Jack: Biggie Smalls, Jack Jack and Mr. Jack

  3. Like it!!

    We are a bit lame. Number one is Bubba, number two is Monkey Boy (said in a high pitched "ahhhhhhh" squealy voice!).

  4. That dress...that dress is to die for!

  5. Before I had Austin, before I even knew he was a boy, I called him "Bugsy Jones". No clue why!
    All my kids have been "Stinkopotamus" at one time or another.
    Maggie is Magpie, Maggie-Pie, Buggity-Bug or Boodle. That last one is my favourite!

  6. We call Cecilia the Monster, as you know, also many variations on that, like Mostrous, Monster Baby Girl, etc. We also call her Small Fry, the Small Tyrant, Ceci, Ceil, and Stinkerooni.


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