Friday, July 30, 2010

Project Green: July

We're going green, but change takes time!  The Hubs and I are challenging ourselves to make our household and lifestyle more environmentally friendly by taking on one green project each month.  In June, I made my own laundry detergent.  Here's what we tackled in July.

July presented some challenges to our aspirations of becoming greener.  First, we bought a kit to convert our standard toilets to dual-flush and then discovered that we'd need an additional attachment since our toilets are on the older side.  All told, it would have put us out a couple hundred dollars, and considering that we are hoping to move from our little apartment to a house in the next six months to a year, we didn't think spending that much money was warranted.  Especially since a small part of the impetus behind going green was also saving some green!  Maybe once we have saved up some cash with all this green-ness, we'll invest in some more expensive projects.

Next, after several weeks of using our home-made laundry detergent with no problems, we had a bit of a washer debaucle.  Water started spewing out of the detergent drawer.  Word to the wise:  break up the clumps in your home-made liquid laundry detergent as small as you can get them.  Otherwise, they will clog the hole where the water rushes in and you will end up with water-logged floorboards!

Okay, enough with the negativity.  After casting around for a project to tackle in July, we finally settled on... (drumroll, please)...

worm composting!!!

We live in a small apartment with a decent-sized patio and shared courtyard, so we needed a solution for a small urban space.  The Hubs found a course subsidized by the City of Vancouver that supplied all the materials and taught worm composting basics in a couple of hours.  The whole shebang cost just $25!  We have to take 'er easy on the worms at first so as not to overwhelm (ie. kill) the little suckers.  A litre of waste is the weekly limit for the first four weeks.  After that, we can up the ante a little.  I'm pretty sure we will only be able to compost a fraction of our food waste, but it's a decent start.  I'll keep you posted as to how it turns out.

*If you have any suggestions for future green projects for us to try or would like to share something you've done in the interest of going green, please share!


  1. Hmmm. You've inspired me! If I am ever at home longer than a month at a time, I'm going to give the worm composting a try. Thanks for the tip.


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