Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wednesday of Few Words: Travels, Part 1

I am both blessed and cursed to have family spread out all over North America.  It means we have places to stay and people to visit, but it also means Lilah sees her grandparents and some of her cousins only a of couple times a year, at most.

Two weeks ago, we packed up and headed to the other side of Canada.  The first leg of our journey was spent with my mum and her husband on the Fundy coast of Nova Scotia.  Their neck of the woods boasts the highest tides in the world, and the scenery is equally striking and severe.  Sadly, the special charger for my camera battery neglected to cross the country at the same time as we did and didn't catch up with us until the second leg of our trip, so there were many lost photo opportunities.  But I was able to capture some of the many highlights from our week spent in this gorgeous part of the country and will share them here:

 My mum's bountiful and lovingly tended garden and greenhouse.  

Especially the picking (and of course eating) of large quantities of raspberries.  They are best fresh off the bush and we (read: Lilah) truly made the best of the plentiful supply!

Carrots were also fun to harvest.

The eating... not so much, judging by this face:

Throwing rocks into the ocean.  Always hit, no matter what coast or time zone we happen to find ourselves in.

Hot tubbing. 'Nuff said.

Oh, and did I mention the scenery was pretty spectacular too?

More photos from the Ontario portion of our trip to come.

Until then, happy Wednesday.



  1. Looks like a lovely trip!

  2. Gorgeous pictures!! I love the flowers and the beautiful scenery.

  3. Those photos are all gorgeous, but the one where she's just released the rock is captivating! Love it so much, annnnd am now looking forward even more to visiting my siblings in two weeks. ♥

  4. @JenIt really is beautifully rugged there.

  5. @DebThanks for the photo comment. It's interesting to hear which ones others find appealing/interesting, since I have a hard time being objective - both the subject matter and the photos themselves are so near and dear to my heart!
    Enjoy your time with your sibs.

  6. Your photos are beautiful and your daughter is adorable.

    Stopping by from the Happiness Is... blog hop at Rub Some Dirt On It.

  7. It looks like your mom has an amazing backyard and garden.

  8. Lilah is a beautiful girl, and WOW, great photos! There's nothing better than picking fresh fruits! YUM!!


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