Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wednesday of Few Words: Stepping Out from Behind the Lens

If you've been following along, you may notice something different about today's photos: I am actually in them. 

I am almost invariably behind the lens, but I have recently made a resolution to (force myself to) pass the camera to the Hubs more often.  Otherwise we will end up with a family photo album skewed so far in the Hubs' direction that he looks like a single parent.  And I will regret having so few photos of Lilah and me together.  My reluctance to relinquish the camera stems from two main factors: 1) I am a control freak of the highest order, and 2) I am not terribly comfortable in front of the camera.  But I am working on both of these things.  So, with a little luck, some self-discipline, a cooperative Hubs, and some flattering lighting, you may be seeing more of me from now on.  (Lucky you.)

These are from a moment in time when I was feeling magnanimous, and presentable enough to step out from behind the lens for a few minutes.

Are you camera shy like me, or a total poser?  Do you prefer to be in front of the lens, or behind it?


  1. You are gorgeous!! You should be in pictures more often!!

  2. So nice to see you from behind the lens. I must say, I tend to be more comfortable behind the lens, but if I'm out on the farm, I'm okay with being in front of it.

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  4. Good for you! I need to do that more as well! Great pictures!


  5. I love it that you've decided to step out from behind the camera. It's nice to be able to see the Mommy behind adorable Lilah. Now we know why she's so adorable :)))

  6. I'm glad you stepped in front of the lens, because you two ladies are darling together!

    I'm a ham. I get a kick out of being in front of the camera. Unfortunately, I'm also the one who focused on capturing moments of my son throughout his first 18 months or so. It was only at the insistence of "the grammas" (paternal gramma and great gramma) that I started showing up in pictures.

    Even though we're much closer to balance now, I had to take time out for that The Goon picture at Comic Con. Good thing, too, because it's my new FB photo! I <3 photographic hamminess. :D

  7. OMG I am SUCH a poser!
    I did love seeing you though! Yes, more more!

  8. Um, whatever happened to America's Next Top Model? Oh, maybe you were the director? In any case, you and Lilah are quite the stylish pair! Great pictures!


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