Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Rules

Yes, summer totally rules, but that's not really what I meant by the title of this post.  What I meant was that, in our household, summer rules and routines are different from those we follow during the rest of the year.  With warmer days and long summer evenings, it seems we are getting pretty lax around here.

We're normally fairly picky about what Lilah is allowed to ingest, but with all the birthday parties and special events we've been attending this summer, dinner may easily consist of a hot dog (or in some cases just the ketchup) and a cupcake.

Dessert is practically a dietary staple these days.  The words "pie," "ice cream," "popsicle," and "freezie" have all made their way into Lilah's budding vocabulary, and she's not afraid to use them.  Plus, she's always been a cookie-lover but now she's taking it to a whole new level and matching them to her outfit:

Summer makes us a little more flexible about pretty much everything: bedtime is often whenever-we-get-home-ish, bath time can be just a mere suggestion (I swear, at one point her hair was actually crunchy it needed washing so badly), and she runs around like a savage with food all over her face and stains all over her shirt.

We also spend as much time outside as humanly possible.  Which means taking activities we traditionally reserve for indoors outside for a new twist.  Like drawing,

And with all that fresh air and exercise of course she also needs to sleep...

I'm kidding, obviously! This was just my kid being weird.  Again. Seriously, where does she get that from???

Hot summer days also mean that Mama is willing to run through the spray fully clothed.

In a white skirt with serious see-through potential, no less.  Summer does something to my brain.

Yep, now that we're finally getting some summer in Vancouver, we are living it up.  It's one big party over here chez Lilahbility!

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  1. Look at those adorable little curls! Glad you're having such a wonderful summer. Our little girl is 15 months and I can't wait until autumn when she'll be able to interact with everything more.

  2. @Corinna 18 months to two years is the perfect time for that - you'll love it! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Love this!! It kind of reminds me of our house...crunchy hair and all ;)

  4. What a fun post!
    And way to be brave running through water with white on. Lol.
    She's precious.

  5. There are a lot more relaxed standards around our house as well! Li'l D's daycare provider is out on her second week-long hiking adventure of the months, so we accepted from the get-go that this would a few-week period outside the scope of what's customary for us.

    Love these photos! I think I need to run through some sprinklers with my little guy this weekend, assuming the grammas have enough energy after a week of watching Li'l D to have us over tomorrow! ;)

  6. HA HA! Ari is a ketchup lover too. Lilah is so damn cute! I love that lip pout! I have to say that I, too, have no shame with sprinklers. It is too damn hot. I will run through in whatever I'm wearing!

  7. Summer does bring out the silly. You sure are brave in a white skirt! And looking great. Lilah was born to be in front of the camera!

  8. OOH looks like a fun Summer in your house!

  9. She is sooo photogenic! And matching her cookie to her outfit? Such a girly girl lol
    You rock that white skirt you brave Mamma, that pic is awesome by the way!

    P.S. Thanks so much for recommending MFP to me a couple of months ago... it has really helped me =)

  10. I love the photo of Lilah laying on the bench. So sweet!

    Summer is so fun, isn't it? Not looking forward to the back to school routine. It's going to be a rough change over in my house!

  11. Theo does not have the largest vocab on the block, and after his first birthday party of the summer popped outs "hot dog" and "i cream," which, he mentions daily.


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