Monday, August 1, 2011

Monthly Recap: What I Learned in July 2011

This is part of Amber Strocel's monthly "What I learned" link-up. Go check it out!

1. Two isn't so terrible.  It's actually pretty great!  (So far...)

My serious mascara face in preparation for Date Night. 
2. I was reminded that Date Nights are exhilirating and highly necessary and we need to do them more often.  I was giddy with excitement while doing my makeup and slipping into a dress and heels for our most recent one.  It had been far too long.  We lingered over dinner and drinks at a cozy  restaurant that is known for its incredible French cuisine and servers with heavy French accents.  Highlights of the night included having my car door opened for me by the Hubs, being called "Mademoiselle" rather than "Madame" by our waiter, the orgasmic chocolate dessert I ordered (picture the scene from "When Harry Met Sally"), and holding hands across the candlelit table while engaging in adult conversation.  Tres romantique, non?

3.  Running can actually be kinda fun.  Especially when you have an iPhone loaded with motivational tunes and a goal in mind.  I've been getting out there and practicing, since I'll be running the CIBC Run for the Cure again in October, this time as part of Team Bloggers for Boobies, to raise funds for breast cancer research.

4. Burnaby Central Railway is a phenomenal place for kids and toddlers and anyone with the slightest interest in trains. It's also very reasonably priced, as amusements go. If you live in the Vancouver area and have a train-lover in your family, this place is a total must. But be warned: it is only open on weekends and statutory holidays because it is operated solely by volunteers, as my friend Sydelle and I found out on Friday, after promising our little train-lovers some choo-choo rides.  Big parenting oops!  Lilah is still dwelling on the disappointment of "no choo-choos."

5. Having an iPhone is incredibly convenient, but its side effects include staying awake long past bedtime and getting distracted more easily than ever.

6.  Toddlers and popsicles: a match made in messy, sticky heaven!

Homemade strawberry popsicle receives Lilah's lick of approval.

7. Car accidents are scary.  More on this another day.

8. I have developed a strange penchant for over-hyphenation. Whoops, there I go again...

Baby's first painted toenails - the day before her 2nd birthday.

9. Hearing your child say, "I sad," pretty much rips your heart out and tears it into a million little pieces.  But at the same time, I am also proud that she is beginning to label her feelings, and I know this is very much a necessary part of her development.  Ahhh, the double-edged sword of parenting!

10.  Mother-daughter home pedicures are one of those life moments; the kind that make you want to stop, savour the moment, and take a mental picture.  Or an actual one, if you have your camera phone at the ready.

 Your turn!  What did you learn in July?  Tell me in the comments, or better yet, make your own list and go link up with Amber!


  1. Your date night sounds fun. Sometimes I think Adam and I sell our date nights a little short. We need to do it up right. Thanks for the reminder. Happy August.

  2. @Lisa It's tempting to just go super casual because we're often exhausted by that time of evening and not used to eating dinner that late, but it really is SO worth it to go all out!

  3. Yo! See you are on fire! You prompted me to get my a** in gear and post my "learnings." Can't wait to share a pedi with Theo.

  4. You girls! And I am so glad you had a wonderful date. You should link this wisdom to . She will like it!

  5. @harriet glynn I think flourescent orange would be the perfect colour for his toenails!

  6. @Stasha thanks, I'll have to go check that out!


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