Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday of Few Words: Two

On Sunday my sweet little girl turned two.  I will spare you the "where has my baby gone?" laments (which, trust me, means I am doing you a huge favour, because there has been a whole lotta navel-gazing* around here lately).  Instead I will subject you to an equally self-indulgent display and make you look at photos of my child's second birthday party.  Because I'm a mom, and that's just what we do.

*I'm almost certain I have started using the term "navel-gazing" as a direct result of reading Amber Strocel's blog.  So you have her to thank for that.

Because Lilah is obsessed with Elmo and has been for quite some time, it wasn't hard to come up with a theme.  We held the party at a nearby park that is home to some fantastic picnic areas, its own lake with a beach, and a great playground.  The weather was a bit dodgy at first, but in the end the sun graced us with its presence and I breathed a sigh of relief. 

So without further ado, I give you Lilah's second birthday party:

At two, Lilah finally has enough hair to rock the pigtails!  I have been dreaming of this day for a very long time.  (I won't blame you if you start gagging on the cuteness of it all.)

Lilah discovered ketchup-flavoured chips for the first time.  I have absolutely no idea why it came as a surprise to me that she loved them.  This is a girl whose only use for french fries is as a delivery method to her mouth.

 Kids were mingling.  Or drawing at twenty paces.  Hard to tell.

Lilah's cousin Max did his very best to make this pinwheel spin:

There was even live entertainment!  We tried to get Elmo himself, but his agent never got back to us and all we could get on short notice was this dragon dance:

Lilah's friend Addie went head-to-head with the dragon and I'm pretty certain she won the dance-off.  Lilah was equally enthralled, but as is her nature, she was content to watch from a safer distance on Daddy's lap. 

After the live entertainment, it was cupcake time!

Yes, I made these. Thank you, thank you.

This year I remembered to remove the hot candle immediately after it was blown out, thus preventing a repeat of last year's debacle.  Turns out I have actually learned a thing or two during my two years as a parent!

Photo by Lilah's uncle Andrew.
I think it's safe to say the cupcakes were a hit.

So tell me, are the twos really all that terrible?  Because from where I'm sitting, they look pretty sweet.


  1. With Sarah, 3's were worse than 2's. Enjoy every minute of 2.

  2. @Lisa That's what I've heard from a lot of parents. And Lilah seems to follow in Sarah's footsteps in many ways, so I wouldn't really be surprised if this is one of them.

  3. Yea 2s for us are pretty darn cute so far... well the lead up to 2 anyway. Great photos as always. Theo loves his Elmo socks anad identified the cupcakes as ELMO! immediately.

  4. The twos aren't terrible. It's all a ruse so you don't freak out about the threes. Now those are something to fear.

    I totally love the cupcakes! Very impressive.

  5. That looks like such a blast! The photos are gorgeous, and those Elmo cupcakes? Priceless!

    Your comment about Lilah's ketchup love makes me giggle. I went for fries at one of my favorite places yesterday and actually made note of how much ketchup used. Answer? The better part of a bottle for one small serving of fries! I'm not quite obsessed enough to just drink ketchup out of the bottle, but I do like the fry flavor to be as minimally invasive as possible. :D

    Li'l D's nearing on two. We haven't decided what we're doing for his birthday yet, but whatever it is? I hope he's smiling as wide as Lilah is in these photos! I'm sure I will be, too, no matter how much I'll be wanting to cry about the impossibility of him being two and how quickly the time is passing . . .

  6. @harriet glynn Yep, the makers of Sesame Street totally knocked it out if the park when they introduced the furry red guy. Toddlers are just immediately drawn to him! Glad Thei likes his socks!

  7. @Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) Thanks! I guess they were worth staying up late for after all! :)

  8. @DebWow, you sure do love your ketchup! I really enjoy the birthday party planning process - I'm all about THEMES! I hope Li'l D's goes as smoothly as Lilah's does!

  9. Are you taking Lilah to see Elmo when he makes an appearance in Vancouver in August? He is going to be at UBC.

  10. There's some serious cuteness goin' on there! Two is such a fun age, enjoy it! :> Stopping in from Let's BEE Friends! :>

  11. Lovely photos. I will let you throw me a B'day party for my 26th. OK, I am a bit older then that.
    No two's are sweet. Three is even sweeter. You will see. I did just fib being 26 so you might not want to take my word on this...

  12. I love the cupcakes! My son loves Elmo too and he'll be 2 in just under 6 months - I gotta make those!

    Stopping by from Bees With Honey.

  13. I absolutely love the cupcakes! Good job on them. Wish I could bake. Actually, I need to try. Always wanted to be THAT Mom who made all the cool treats:)

    Looks like Lilah's birthday was a success. The terrible twos btw, are different for every kid. I have three and only one of them went through a rough patch!

  14. @Lisa Darn! That would be great but we're already booked that weekend! Thanks for letting me know about that - Lilah would have loved it, I'm sure!

  15. love those pics.. looks like a great always you managed to be supermom and pull off a creative party with GORGEOUS cupcakes..they looked awesome...Lilah is gorgeous..cant believe our kids are 2!! 2!! where did the time go...

  16. I LOVE those cupcakes!! I love Elmo too! Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Happy Birthday to your 2 year old...
    P.S. Three is the new two...enjoy this stage :)

  17. Even the weather appeared to have cooperated with your birthday party plans. I loved arranging my sons second birthday. There is something so sweet about their early birthdays. Awesome job on the Elmo cupcakes!


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