Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday of Few Words: The Trappings of Summer

While so many parts of North America are dealing with sweltering heat, we still haven't been blessed with many true summer days here in Vancouver.  I crave summer.  I lust after it: summer warmth; summer clothing; summer food; summer loveI've got my hopes pinned on August.  August will be our month, Vancouver!

Still, we have been doing our best to enjoy the few small tastes of summer we've had.  Here are some of my favourite things about summer, and some of the things I am hoping to enjoy a whole lot more of before our "summer" is through.

Cute summer shoes:

Kids enjoying watemelon:
And the resulting watermelon face:

Afternoon sunlight streaming over the top of the building and into our courtyard:

Discovering new parks and playgrounds:
On a playdate with Jack in Steveston

Summer blossoms:

Cold, sweet treats:

Sundresses (hers and mine):

There are many others, but I don't have photos of them yet, because, you know, that whole lack of summer thing.  (Note the long sleeves, sweatshirts, and cardigans in the majority of these photos.)  Maybe we'll leave this one with a "to be continued..."

What are your favourite things about summer?


  1. Great fun. LOVE those polkadot shoes!!

  2. Love that dress (the shoes are a given ;). I need to do a recap of some of the great morning activities we did one week. But loving Steveston (always!) esp the water park, love Centennial Beach (so rugged), love wearing sandals!!

  3. It still looks sunny in most of those pictures! :) The shoes really are great.

  4. How fun.

    Have a great day!

  5. Love all of your pictures. Hope your summer gets there soon! What a drag!

  6. those shoes are so cute! the kid ain't bad either.


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