Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lilah Got Da Blues

On Wednesday I showed you sickeningly cute photos of Lilah's 2nd birthday.  And now I'm going to up the ante on this whole Mommy blogging thing and subject you to a video of her first music recital:

The audience participation element really enhances the performance, don't you think? 

(Sidenote: if a two-year-old ever offers you a turn on her harmonica, you may want to accept the offer only if you are directly related to said two-year-old.  And then prepare for a saliva bath.  Consider yourself warned.)

Special thanks to Theo (and his parents) for this totally inspired birthday gift!


  1. Anonymous10 July, 2011

    Cute. Li'l D was much more into watching this than actually playing (or attempting to play) his harmonica. :p

    We did get a couple of days of single-note recorder "music"!

  2. The harmonica NEVER sounds bad! :)

  3. thats a great video..she is a natural!! :)

  4. That was so cute! Even my little girl came running to see where the music was coming from. Quite a few harmonicas have come through this house, but I don't think they've ever sounded quite so melodic! :>

  5. Very cute. My boy loves his harmonica too. He sometimes takes it outside to the playground to noodle around on it. Somehow it always impresses all the other parents. I guess people love 2 year olds playing on the harmonica!

  6. Then I'm glad I caught it on video while I could - sounds like it could be short-lived!

  7. @Mama in the City To me, the impressive part is that someone thought to buy her one in the first place - never would have thought of it myself! But good idea, I'll have to take her out and have her show off her skillz to an even wider audience! ;)

  8. I had to take the kids harmonica away. That was right after I got rid of their kazoo. I think I'm a mean mom.


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