Friday, November 19, 2010

Sleep (In)Compatibility

The Hubs and I are compatible in many ways, but the temperature at which we sleep is not one of them.  I, who am almost always freezing cold during the day, become inexplicably overheated when I sleep.  I give off an insane amount of heat, which all gets trapped under the blanket and boils me alive at night.  The Hubs is the exact opposite.  He is almost never cold during the day, but often wakes up in the middle of the night shivering under my open-window-light-blanket regime.  My tendency to sleep hot became especially pronounced while I was pregnant with Lilah, and during the early days of nursing.  Now that I'm pretty much back to normal, I only wake up sweltering once or twice a night.

Come April or May, or as soon as I can make a case for it, depending on what kind of spring we are having, we take the duvet out of the cover, and just use the duvet cover as our blanket.  In the fall, the duvet goes back in its cover and we are once again blanketed in a cloud-like layer of down.  (Ah, the beauty of the wedding registry - luxury furnishing on someone else's dime!)  This year, I finally relented to the Hubs' begging in late October, and the duvet is back in its cover for the winter.  I love the weight of it, and I don't sleep well without a blanket on, but most nights I wake up sweating and have to throw off the covers, only to wake up half an hour later shivering.

Short of sleeping in separate beds, which seems a little sad, not to mention the fact that we lack the space for it, I'm not sure what the solution for this situation should be, if any.  Any other hotties like me out there?  Creative solutions to our sleep compatibility conundrum are welcome!


  1. Thanks for stopping by earlier - I can completely relate. I overheat every night and yet until I go to bed, I'm freezing. He travels during the week and I have the unfortunate problem of not being able to sleep the night before he travels. Our resolve...I sleep in another room during that one night...yes, it is sad. Have a great night.

  2. Hey it's Kate responding - havent set up an account thingy yet. In terms of the heating thing we have the same issue. Atle wants to sleep with the window open even if it is -15 out and I am always freezing. One thing we do (and every couple in scandinavia does) is we have our twin duvets on the bed. My tog is higher then his as well. It helps on the layering level and no one gets annoyed. :)


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