Sunday, May 2, 2010

What is it about Thursdays???

I like Thursday. Thursday is almost Friday and Friday is practially the weekend. Thursday is also great because that's the day Lilah and I get together with a group of moms and babes who live in our neighbourhood. Lilah likes Thursdays too, apparently. That's the day she always chooses to showcase a new skill. The coffee shop where we usually meet the other mommies and babies has been witness to some of Lilah's biggest milestones to date!

Several Thursdays ago, she let go of the table she was cruising and stood unassisted for the very first time. Last Thursday, she took her first shuffling, wobbly steps without holding onto anything. She didn't do it again until this past Thursday, when she took about five or six steps in a row - once at the coffee shop, and then again at the park as we soaked up some sunshine before dinner.

I haven't been sneaking her sips of coffee or anything, I swear! It must be a combination of showing off for her little friends and picking up on Mommy's relief that the weekend is approaching.

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