Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Third Person

Since the Hubs and I welcomed a third person into our family, we've started speaking in the third person as well. What is it about babies that brings out our inner Disco Stu?

Obviously, this is an aspect of child-directed speech. But I've found some other creative uses for speaking in the third person "for the benefit of the baby." Here are some examples:

"Maybe Daddy will take you out for a walk and give Mommy a little break..."
"Maybe Daddy could get Mommy another glass of wine..."
"Is Daddy really going to wear that shirt?"
"Do you think Daddy needs a haircut? Mommy does..."

It's brilliant! As long as I use a cutesie voice and talk in the third person, I can get away with being a total nag!

And please, people, if you're suddenly feeling terribly sorry for the Hubs, don't bother. He can dish it out, too:

"Maybe if Mommy shaved her legs once in a while..."

(*No marriages were actually harmed in the making of this blog post*)


  1. Anonymous20 May, 2010


    You know you're in trouble when you start falling into that speech pattern and the baby's not in the room. It's right up there with swaying rhythmically when the baby isn't in your arms.

  2. Anonymous09 June, 2011

    Ha ha ha so true I used it today "maybe if you ask daddy really nicely he will feed you dinner so mommy can finish making his lunch"


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