Thursday, November 3, 2011

Monthly Recap: What I learned in October 2011

This is part of Amber Strocel's monthly "What I learned" link-up. Go check it out!

1.  Never leave your toddler unattended in the bathroom.  No, she did not stick her head in the toilet, just the entire roll of toilet paper.

2.  I might not be a runner, but I can run for a cure.  And I can raise a dumpload of money while I'm at it!

3. I hate waking up, getting dressed, and driving to work in the dark.  But now that I have a kid, there is a major bright side to fewer hours of daylight.  Lately she's been sleeping in, sometimes until 8 or even 8:45 (a new Lilahbility record!) on days when we don't have to wake her up to get her to daycare and ourselves to work.

4.  Potty pooping is the best kind of pooping.

5.  The massive leaps a two-year-old brain periodically takes are absolutely astounding. All of a sudden, she's engaging in imaginary play and acting out intricate scenarios between her water bottle and her fork at the dinner table.

6.  When using a stand mixer, it is a very good idea to make sure that the bowl is properly secured to the base before turning it on.  Otherwise you may find yourself in the aftermath of a crumble topping explosion like I did the morning of our Thanksgiving dinner.

7.  The pumpkin patch still rocks.

8.  When your Hubs thinks he has gallstones, this is the weekly meal plan he will create:

(Don't worry, no gallstones after all.  Our diet has been slightly more varied than this as a result.)

9.  My chosen career as a Speech-Language Pathologist comes with its own unique hazards.  I was reminded of this one in early October: Don't lean in too close when a kid is trying really hard to make the /sh/ sound.  Your face may become the unwilling recipient of excess saliva. (It's gotta go somewhere!)  This is a lesson I seem to have to relearn every few years, unfortunately.

10.  It will become apparent that you have kept your toddler out much too late when she starts begging for sleep and her crib on the drive home.  Oops.

Your turn!  What did you learn in October?

Also linking up with my girl Bruna at Bees with Honey for some Friday fun!

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  1. Fantastic that the little one is potty trained AND sleeping in til the sun comes up!

  2. @Alison@Mama Wants ThisHa, oh, now I realize the potty comment may have been misleading. She's nowhere near fully trained, but we have had several (random) instances of potty use!

  3. How cute! (I'd like to thank you for linking up at "Life as this Mommy knows It" last week and invite you to link up again this week!

    Happy Friday,

  4. I love the potty pooping photo! Ha ha, she's going to kill you one day for posting it!

  5. Your child is adorable!
    I can't wait for potty poops!

  6. Great recap, Amanda! I've been there with the whole roll of toilet paper. ;)

  7. I learned about keeping my obligations manageable.


    I, like you, also learned about the astonishing leaps a two-year-old's brain can take, overnight. We'd put Li'l D down to bed one evening and find him speaking and behaving in such different ways than the evening before . . .

    If it's this astonishing from the outside, I wonder what it feels like from the inside!

  8. @Bees With HoneyI know, but right now I can, so I do. :) Besides, it's not like there are any bits showing. Oh, who am I kidding? Better start saving for her future therapy bills now!

  9. @DebI love your description of it - it does seem as if many of these changed happen overnight! And wonder their little brains are so off- balance sometimes, right? They're growing exponentially! It explains a lot.

  10. I have to laugh at that toilet mess - well, I can laugh at it NOW, but I imagine it wasn't so funny in the moment.

    You learned a LOT! :)

  11. @Cookie's MomCould have been a lot worse! The toilet was clean and had recently been flushed, so there's that. :)

  12. @Amanda Thank goodness for small mercies! :)

  13. I am terrified of the whole roll of toilet paper going into the bowl. With our less than stellar low-flow toilets, it would be a disaster! Sounds like you handled it well. ;)

    Also, I love how their brains are developing, I think that it's so cool to watch Q play with all of his figurines and have conversations and stuff. Let's just hope that in your case the fork and water bottle keep getting along, otherwise it might get ugly!

  14. Ari loves to throw toilet paper (the whole roll) in the toilet too. Yay for pooping on the toilet!

  15. Ah potty training, my son loves to throw toilet paper in the toilet too, even while supervised.

  16. I always hated driving to work in the dark. It's kind of depressing. I love that Friday was salad/beer day. Too funny.


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