Friday, May 6, 2011

More Lilahisms

  • "Beak up" - wake up (as in, "Sit up, Mommy, quit lazing around, I want you to play with me!")
  • "Bap" - lap (as in, "I want to sit on your")
  • "Nahnaht Mommy, I seena mohning" - Night-night Mommy, I'll see you in the morning (from the goodnight song we sing every night before bed)
  • "Shawsh" - wash (as in, "I want to play with the soap, splash around in the sink, spray water everywhere, and then you can clean up my mess for me.")
  • "Beego" - mango (as in, I want to eat some)
  • "Lilah okay!" - I'm okay (as in, I just tripped over my own feet and smacked my face on the cement, but I'm okay)
  • "No chay buhbum" - No change bum-bum (as in, under NO circumstances are you to tear me away from my ever-so-enthralling play for something as mundane as a diaper change.  Puh-lease!)
  • "Lilah ayee toe" - Lilah owie toe (as in, I cut my toe two weeks ao and I'm still talking about it. In fact, it's my current favourite topic of conversation)
  • "Fofie" - Sophie (as in, one of our cats)
  • "See-see" - Cereal (as in, Raisin Bran, the only cereal she will eat)
  • "No my, know my ADD, no my, know my ADD" - Now I know my ABCs, Next time won't you sing with me (As in the alphabet song, with a few creative amendments)
Lilah sings her ABCs

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