Friday, May 27, 2011

May Two-Four by the Numbers

Like everyone else from Ontario, I grew up calling Victoria Day Weekend "May Two-Four," in reference both to Queen Victoria's birthday, on the twenty-fourth of May, and to the many twenty-four ("two-four") cases of beer consumed over this particular long weekend.  It's the unofficial kick off to the summer season; the weekend when community centres open up their outdoor pools, outdoor venues start hosting concerts, and families dust off the grill and fire up the barbie.

Our May Two-Four this year was spent in Harrison (home of the popular Harrison Hot Springs) with the Hubs' side of the family, and this long weekend was all about the numbers.

Ten adults, five kids, and two dogs sharing one four-bedroom house for three days.

One very tall carpeted staircase, which proved far too tempting for one impish 14-month-old.

One fabulously messy, blueberry-infused pancake breakfast, and three dinners with family members gathered 'round the large harvest table and overflowing onto sofa cushions, with heaping plates of food balanced carefully on their laps.

Four pounds gained from all the unnecessary food consumption.  But it was 100% it was worth it!

One happy little girl, very much in her element and very pleased at finally being capable of really playing with her three older cousins.

Dozens of books read and stories shared.

One air mattress and one forgotten foot pump.  One brother-in-law with 140% of normal lung capacity needing less than 15 minutes to inflate said mattress.  Truly astounding!

One willing and able Grandma who didn't shy away when I passed her my camera - and proved she had some photog skillz of her own!

Thousands of beautiful, perfect moments.  The kind that give you goose bumps, a lump in your throat, and the urge to pinch yourself.  The kind you want to bottle and preserve, to be rationed out in times of need.  The kind you hope the kids look back on with fond memories and lumps in their own throats.

The only thing missing was perfect weather.  But since our control over that is exactly zero, we made the most of it and still had a truly incredible time. 

Tell me about your long weekend plans, past, present or future!


  1. Sounds like an awesome time! Yay for May two-four! The picture of Lilah, face covered in blueberries is awesome!

  2. What great memories and photos now to keep them ! Loved the post, thanks for sharing your special family time :)

    Visiting from LBS tea party!

  3. Stopping by from LBS... These pictures are great! I love the first one with all the kids sitting on the log. So cute!

  4. Looks like all had a fabulous time! Love the "blueberry" photo! Thanks for sharing.
    Visiting from LBS tea party!

  5. Aww beautifully written post! Love your blog, and you have an adorable family. New follower stopping by from LBS!

  6. @Anne Thanks so much! And I really appreciate the follow, too.

  7. Hey Amanda,
    I read this post last week and really enjoyed it. Then realized I had not even written a comment. So I am back to tell you I love this post and the photos. A great read. Have a great day.

  8. That looks so fun! Cousins FTW!

  9. @Lisa Thanks, Lisa, I'm glad you came back!


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