Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

So I'm going to this wedding in Vegas in just over a week, and I decided to forgo the dresses currently hanging in my closet in favour of something new and different.  I headed to an uuber-trendy store.  This is the kind of store that draws the hipsters in my neighbourhood; the kind of store that I enter sheepishly and with great intimidation, feeling that I am too old/frumpy/mommyish/plain/uncool to shop there.  This store has tons of cute and trendy dresses, and I promised myself that I would try something different for a change, and at least consider dresses that I would normally dismiss as Too Hip, Too Out There, or Not Really Me.  This is a wedding in Vegas, after all, and it seems like the perfect excuse to push my personal style boundaries and bend my rules a bit.

The first thing I noticed is that most of the dresses at this store were very young and flirty, which is kind of what I was going for, but for some reason they also all seemed really short.  These days, it's pretty rare for me to wear dresses that fall much above the knee - I'm not really down with exposing my behind when I bend over.

I pulled several dresses off the rack to try on.  Some were a little outside of my usual style box, and some were typical colours and/or styles for me.  There was one dress, though, that I kept coming back to.  On the hanger, it seemed too much for my simple tastes, and I almost didn't try it on, feeling a bit silly even taking it into the change room with me.  But then I reminded myself that the point of this exercise was to push myself.  One after another, I quickly eliminated all the other dresses - too tight, too loose, not dressy enough, totally unflattering, oh, and of course, too short.

Finally, there was just one dress left.  Yep, you guessed it; the almost-didn't-try-it-on-because-it's-really-not-me multi-coloured frilly dress.  So I slipped it on, and lo and behold, I actually quite liked it.  Well, I thought I liked it.  But I still wasn't sure if it screamed "fun, flirty party girl" or "I'm a pinata, go ahead and whack me with a stick until I bust open and spew my candy-coated innards everywhere."  So I hemmed and hawed, trying to make a decision, wishing that I had a girlfriend with me to offer an honest opinion.  I thought maybe I would buy it, bring it home and get the Hubs' opinion, and then return it if he thought it was too much, but then I noticed a sign inside the door of the change room that read, "Choose wisely, all sales final." Ummm... pressure much?

Initially, I walked away, thinking I would show pictures taken on my iPhone to a girlfriend and the Hubs for a second and third opinion, but I couldn't stop thinking about that dress, and less than half an hour later I was back at the same store, trying it on again.  I started asking random shoppers for their opinions - I was desperate!   A few kind ladies who happened to be there when I came out of the change room wearing the dress convinced me that it was really cute and I should get it.  So I did.

What do you think?  I can't return it, but I do have a backup, so please be honest.

Also, accessories.  At the very least, I'll need shoes and a handbag, and I'm a bit stumped as to what colours be pairing with this dress.  Oh, and would a fascinator would be over the top?  (I'm kidding.  I think.)  If you consider yourself a fashionista with impeccable taste, please leave me a comment here.  I need your help!!!


  1. cute! i love it.

    not sure about the accessories but yellow comes to mind. i could be all wrong about that, but that's what i'm picturing.

  2. I like the dress, it's very flirty and fun. I'm not so sure about the pantyhose though, and you will need some great shoes with a heel to kick off the outfit! A little clutch purse will also work well, possibly along with a wrap to go over your shoulders.
    Since your dress is the statement piece, with the ruffles and the multiple colours, you might want to keep your accessories a little quieter. Enjoy the dress!

  3. Definitely no hose - that's just shadow in the photo. My legs are pasty white, so I may try to do some bronzing, but who knows if I will have time!

    Also, I should add that the colour might be a bit off in the photo - the top is dark purple, and the other layers are different shades of pink.

  4. I LOVE the dress!!! I would recommend a peep-toe tan or khaki colored shoe. . .

  5. you look amazing! great choice. go for gold accessories. necklace and bracelets. do you wear heels? do either a nice gold or nude heel. what does your second half think?

  6. Very cute! Absolutely go out of your comfort zone and wear it! You'll outshine the bride for sure!

  7. Dress is very cool and hip. You need a small clutch purse and I personally think a fascinator is a must for a wedding however you need to make sure it isnt too much and keep the colour of the fascinator, shoes and clutch muted given the bright colours and texture of the dress. The purple colour of the bodice might work as a colour for clutch etc... And hair needs to be up. x

  8. I say yes to the dress! It looks fabulous!

  9. Anonymous02 May, 2011

    OK I'm totally not a fashionista, but here's my opinion anyway:

    You are such a beautiful woman that you could wear a burlap sack and turn heads.

    Knowing how conservative you are in clothes I commend you for going for this fun dress. I can't tell from the computer what colour it is. In fact, it totally looks like you're wearing black pantyhose and the bodice slightly lighter than black.

    I agree with the opinions about keeping everything else neutral colours. I recommend a should wrap/scarf in case the airconditioning is too much.

    If you need to pick something up off the floor, remember to bend at the knee!

    This dress will pack well- you won't have to worry about ironing!

    Have a great party trip, hip mamma!

    Love, Rev

  10. Hey Amanda, You know I'm not a fashionista AT ALL but I agree with Anonymous about you pulling off a burlap sack with poise! You and the dress together are bound to be a hit. Have fun in Vegas!

  11. OMG, you guys, I have the best commenters a girl could ever ask for! Way to stroke my ego!

  12. Anonymous03 May, 2011

    VERY fun dress - totally looks cute and fun and just perfect for a Vegas wedding.
    I agree - don't overdo the accessories, the dress needs to live on it's own - though... fun shoes would be cool :) The rest - take er easy on.
    Enjoy :)

  13. I love that dress on you! You look gorgeous. I think a simple accessory. Like a simple necklace or cute stud earrings would go nicely with it.

  14. You look lovely, go frills!


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