Thursday, September 2, 2010

August 2010 Recap

Amber Strocel does a monthly recap and has invited others to play along and link up. So here's what I learned in August:

1. Air travel with a toddler is infinitely more difficult than air travel with an infant.  Also, when your tiny infant screams on a flight, people look at you with sympathy.  When your toddler screams on a flight, people look at you with disdain.  Except other people with toddlers.  They're too busy trying to keep their own toddler from screaming to bother looking at you.

2. An ERGObaby carrier is worth its weight in gold.  The only way I could get Lilah to take a much-needed nap during our five hour flights to and from Ontario was to go the back of the plane and bounce up and down and shush until she finally nodded off.  Hard work, but completely worth it for a few minutes of peace.

3. Food, family, friends, and fun are the main ingredients for an awesome vacation.

Having fun with my sister on our family vacation.
4. Motherly love can get you into some totally ridiculous situations.  If you don't find a way to laugh about it, you will probably lose your marbles.

5.a) I enjoy taking photos of other people's babies.  5. b) Lilah could stand to learn a modeling tip or two from her adorable little buddies.

6.  The transition to daycare didn't kill us afterall.  Lilah seems genuinely happy at her daycare, eating unprecedented quantities of her lunch, napping quite well, making new friends, and adjusting more quickly than expected.

7.  Date nights are so refreshing.  The Hubs and I need to do them more often and not always wait for special occasions like our anniversary.

Anniversary date night self-portrait
8.  I really need to get my act together on my green projects.  August went by so quickly that I didn't get a chance to change any habits, let alone blog about them.  I'll have to do a double-header for September.

9.  Turning 31 on the 31st is a great excuse for champagne.  Yum!
My birthday meal (made by one wonderful Hubs), complete with champagne.
10.  Watching your baby learn to give hugs and kisses is so adorable it makes your heart ache.


  1. I am so glad you got to have a date night on your birthday. Love the self-portrait.

    I remember when we went to Hawaii when Sarah was 14 months old and we swore we would not take her on a plane ride again until she was 11! Obviously time has blurred the pain because we are thinking of doing Disney next summer.

  2. Flying SUCKS! Argh. Hateful planes. Very nice ad hoc photo of you and your main dude. Very gorgorama.

  3. That birthday meal looks DELICIOUS. Mmm, so good!

    And that photo of you and your sister? 15 kinds of awesome.

  4. So so so jealous that you look so incredibly thin and gorgeous in the self portrait. Also, teensy bit jelous that your husband not only remembered your birthday, but also made you dinner and served it with champagne. I bought a frozen pizza on my birthday and MY husband said, "feel free to put that in the oven any time, I'm hungry". Niiiiiiice. It is my own fault though, I knew who I was marrying and did it anyway!

  5. C - your comment made me laugh.... A - like everyone has already said - your self portrait is gorgeous.....

  6. See, this is a perfect example of how we are much harder on ourselves than others are - I thought I looked kinda shiny (in the greasy way, not the glowy way) and tired in the self-portrait.

    The birthday dinner was a couple days before my b-day and we had a few friends over. I bought the champagne myself a few days earlier, citing my "champagne birthday" as just cause.

    But I can't complain, both my birthday party and my actual birthday were enjoyable.

  7. You rock summers!! Coming up next year for champagne :)


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