Sunday, August 29, 2010

Model Babies

A couple weeks ago I posted Lilah's blooper reel, establishing that Lilah has inherited my unphotogenic genes, poor girl.  I have managed to get some good photos of her over the months, but it's hard work, and I have to take dozens of shots (at least!) to come out with one or two really worthwhile ones.

Apparently, though, this is not universally true of babies.  There are actually babies out there who smile for the camera and look up when their name is called, even with a big ol' lens pointed straight in their face. There are even babies who actually ham it up for the camera - will wonders never cease!   Several of Lilah's friends have some serious modeling skills, as I discovered while looking back through photos from the summer.  I've asked them to share some tips with her.

First up is Baby C.  He knows how to set the scene for a great photo shoot.  He crawled under this hydrangea bush completely of his own accord, and then proceeded to sit still and look up every time I called his name, all while maintaining this sweet, serene little smile.  Talk about a photographer's dream!

Then there's Theo, who pretty much smiles on command.  As long as his diva demands are met.  You know, clean diaper, full belly, a full police escort to and from photo shoots, that kind of thing.

 And this is Baby F, who, when told to channel the Crocodile Hunter, came up with this look:

 A is a master of the "twirl and smile" technique - adorable and great for showing dresses off to their full advantage.  I think Lilah did take some notes from A when they were together, because she's been doing a lot of spinning ever since - now she just has to get the "smile and look at the camera" part down.

Last but not least is my niece, M, who is such a talented professional model that she can even make sand look appetizing!

Many thanks to all of these cuties for showing Lilah a thing or two, and to their parents for allowing me to post their photos.  Get ready, Tyra, these babies are poised to take the modeling world by storm!


  1. ROTFL! You are totally hilarious. Carter looks like he has a flower in his hair ;)

  2. I have many a shot from the beach of Maggie with her face covered in sand. You would think it was a gourmet delicacy, the way she goes to town on it. Blech!

  3. Ah the twirl and smile. I love baby A!


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