Sunday, February 19, 2012

What's Better Than Cleaning?

Easy Listicles topic this week!  Wendy asked that we share 10 things we'd rather be doing than cleaning.  And the answer is... pretty much anything.  But fear not, dear friends, I struggled and persevered until I was able to pare the list down to ten.  (You can thank me in the comments.)

10 things I find at least slightly more appealing than cleaning the house:

1.  Visiting the dentist.

2.  Trying on bathings suits.

3.  Working out.

4.  Brushing a squirming toddler's teeth.

5.  Deleting email/Facebook/Twitter spam.

6.  Parallel parking.

7.  Watching an episode of Dora the Explorer.

8.  Listening to a time share sales pitch.

9.  Sitting through a dull movie.

10.  Taking a shower in a bathroom that needs to be cleaned.

Now, go visit the Listmaster!


  1. True story... I love going to the dentist. Love. It makes my mouth feel so sparkly and clean!!

    1. I love going to the dentist too. Apart from when they give me the bill at the end.

  2. LOL Too very true, my friend! I think I'll just fold your list into mine.

  3. Love your list. Just think, if Dora would get a GPS already, we could take that one of our list and do something fun!

  4. Go to the dentist, trauma. I could do a post on the 10 things I'd rather.
    My 10 would be cooking in a kitchen that needs to be cleaned.

  5. I would do all but trying on swimsuit. Unless there are no mirrors in the dressing room. Made me laugh, you are the list creator extraordinaire!

  6. You thought of some really good ones! I could sit through yet another episode of Dora but trying on bathing suits? Way too scary for me. Listening to any sales pitch too...ugh. Great list!

  7. You had me at the swimsuit shopping. Hate Hate hate that!

  8. Oh, Amanda...I would much rather clean than go to the dentist. I have to have laughing gas every time I go.
    But your list made me laugh :)

  9. Ugh Dora is the WORST! but not as bad as swimsuit shopping!

  10. ha ha so true! I hate cleaning with a passion. If only it weren't a necessary evil.


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