Friday, February 10, 2012

If You Give a Mom an iPhone...

If you give a mom an iPhone, she's going to download a whole bunch of apps.

When she gets the apps, she's going to discover the joy of Hipstamatic. 

Once she has exhausted the possibilities of Hipstamatic, she will move on to Camera+ and then finally to Instagram, where she will document the mundane details of her daily life and immediately share them with the anyone who happens to be on the internet.

Instagram will remind her that she hasn't tweeted or updated her Facebook status in a while, so she will share some more mundane details of her life there.  When she runs out of mundane details, she will start tweeting about twitter itself.

Then a tweet about a recipe will catch her eye and she'll be curious enough to click on the link.  After clicking on the link, she'll begin to convince herself that she has both the patience and the culinary skills to pull it off. 

Once she has located the ingredients and set her toddler up with an episode of Dora, she will start cooking but will get it all ass-backwards and her husband will come home to find her extremely agitated, thrashing about the kitchen and cursing at her iPhone.  Her generous husband will then send her out of the kitchen so he can rescue the meal and clean up her mess.

While he is cooking and cleaning, she'll realize it's her turn in Words With Friends.  Just as she is about to enter the highest scoring word of all time, her toddler will wander over and want to play with her iPhone.

When her toddler gets bored after only thirty seconds of phone time, she'll realize she needs to download some new apps.  While she's looking for toddler apps, she'll get distracted and also want to download some word game apps.  When she downloads word game apps, she'll realize her iPhone battery dies much too quickly and what she really needs? 

 Is an iPad.

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  1. Amanda you are smart and creative. I love this post.
    I saw you had a new post while I was finishing mine and I would not let myself click on it and read it until I finished my own because I would just get distracted. You don't disappoint.

    1. Why thank you, sweet friend! Will have to head over and check out yours now.

  2. Heart this so much!! Funny you, but so true. I got off twitter two hours ago to tidy up the house. So if anyone asks, I was never here...

  3. it!
    I don't have iphone or ipad.
    I'm so easy it's pathetic, I can be bought for a good cup of coffee.
    I really need to up my game.

  4. I have an ipad but I want an iphone!

    Love how you wrote this:) Too cute. And once again, I love Lilah :)
    That pouty mouth is absolutely adorable.

  5. my two year old is obsessed with daddy's iPad! Thank goodness, that way he leaves my iPhone alone. the pictures are just too cute!


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