Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What I Learned in December 2010

Amber Strocel does a monthly recap and has invited others to play along and link up. So here's what I learned in December:

1. Toddlerhood is like a roller coaster ride.  There's a whole lot of screaming, sudden ups and downs, and it's both thrilling and exhausting at the same time.

2.  A twenty-four hour stomach bug can last over two weeks for a wee one.  And that means a lot of time off work (which will have to be made up at some point), a lot of TV, and a lot of laundry.  Oh, and laminate floors are an asset when dealing with a vomitous toddler.

My sickie baby
3. Getting interested in photography has helped me notice the beauty all around me. 

4. Killing time between a morning car nap and a birthday party can lead to an unexpectedly beautiful discovery.

5. Watching everything you've ever learned about language acquisition (which is actually quite a lot, when you've done a Master's Degree in speech-language pathology) played out in your own child is absolutely fascinating.

6.  Watching your daughter play with her grandfather is an incredibly heart-warming sight.  Especially when she used to shake uncontrollably and cry with fear when he came anywhere near her.  Three cheers for progress!

7.  My super mama sense of smell is almost, but not quite, infallible.  It is possible for the occasional poo-poo to sneak by me.  (Mwahaha, dare you clink the poo-poo link?)

8.  Furry hamster toys that move and dollies that crawl freak Lilah right out.  Like, shuddering with fear and clinging to Mommy's leg freak her out.  To the point that it takes removing the toy from sight and several minutes of special cuddles to calm her down.

9.  Christmas makes so much more sense when you have a child.  More to do, mostdefinitely, more stressful, probably, but also so much more magical.  And the stress and the busy-ness all become totally worth it for the sound of toddler squeals of excitement on Christmas morning.  So worth it.

10.  A quiet New Year's Eve games night can get rowdy rather quickly when there's alcohol involved.

This is about all I remember from our "quiet" games night on New Year's Eve.
And it's that blurry in my memory too.


  1. Toddlerhood is totally like a thrill ride. And although I do love my thrills, sometimes they make you a little sick. Good recap!

  2. Looks like a very fun New Years.

  3. ooo, i love games!! want to come over here for a games night? i can't promise anything as crazy as your new years eve, but you can ask tamara, we have some pretty awesome games over here. and a very happy new years to you too!!

  4. This was great! It must be fascinating to watch Lilah grow linguistically (as a speech professional) must be fascinating!

    I hate vomit, but (as you indicated) it can teach you a lot!!

  5. I just found this post now! I can't believe I missed it.

    It really is awesome when kids get a little older and are more ready and willing to play with their relatives. These days, with a 5 1/2 year old and a 2 1/2 year old visiting grandparents is like a vacation for me. The kids want nothing to do with me, they're in it for the spoiling and I can just put my feet up and watch.


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