Sunday, October 31, 2010

Project Green: October

Now that the baby gifts have stopped rolling in, I've actually had to start buying clothes and shoes for Lilah.  I indulge my urge to shop without incurring the guilt that goes along with spending good money on brand new clothes by raiding the kids' consignment stores in my neighbourhood - they're within walking distance, so no environmental impact there!  I have found some really great, gently-used, and, most importantly, stylish, clothing for Lilah, in addition to basics such as sleepers and onesies.  They often have new clothes with the tags still attached on offer for less than half the price I would pay in the store they originally came from. And I get to feel smug about all the money I'm saving and about the fact that I'm keeping these items out of the landfill, and avoiding the brand new materials that no doubt used plenty of resources to be made, manufactured, and shipped.  We also get plenty of hand-me-downs and borrowed clothes and toys from Lilah's many older cousins.

A small sampling of the consignment and second-hand items Lilah's been rockin' lately.
For more information on the benefits of buying second hand baby clothes, click here.

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  1. Between Celia's old clothes and all the hand-me-downs from friends, we haven't had to buy any clothes at all for Maggie, and we can literally go 3 weeks without doing laundry for her. And since a friend just had a baby girl, a lot of her old clothes are getting passed on! Good stuff.


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