Monday, August 16, 2010

Lilah: The Blooper Reel

People are always commenting on how much Lilah looks like her daddy. Well here is irrefutable proof that she is her mother's daughter in at least one way. I am, and have always been, totally unphotogenic. The poor kid has inherited my uncanny ability to ruin a perfectly good picture with an overactive blink reflex or poorly-timed facial grimace.

The evidence:

That's my girl!

*I'm sure someday she will absolutely hate me for putting these photos out into cyberspace, but for now, what she doesn't know won't hurt her!  (Besides, I'm sure by then I'll have given her so many other reasons to hate me that this will be the least of our problems!)


  1. Oh...dear...LOL. Those are some unflattering pictures. Thank goodness for digital cameras, without them my kids would be immortalized with droopy eyes and random faces too.

  2. *snort* You get some great photos of her too. Maybe she will grow out of it???

    The pic you have as a banner for you blog is awesome, though!

  3. fkn hilarious pics....


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