Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spice Dad

It seems I failed to mortify the Hubs by revealing his Spice Girls fandom. So this is attempt number two. Here was his reaction to my last post (and I quote):

Not too embarassing. You didn't mention the following facts:

-I knew all the words to all their songs
-I knew the dance moves to "Thank You Very Much"
(To which I responded, "Ooh, ooh! Teach me!")
-I convinced 3 other teenage/20-something males to join me
-I spent a good portion of my cook's tips on spicy paraphernalia
-Yes, I did pre-drink
-We were exactly the medium age between the pre-teens and their coug' moms

And most importantly ... ... ...

-I'd do it again in a HEART BEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, Hubs, it's a good thing we had a girl. By the way, I still think you're as hot as Beckham.


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