Friday, February 5, 2010

Lilah's 7-month Stats

Because we went to Maui for two weeks in January, we didn't get around to taking Lilah for her 6-month checkup and shots until Feb.1, when she was two days shy of the 7-month mark. Her stats were as follows:

Length: 72 cm (100th percentile!)
Weight: 8.21 kg (75th percentile)
Head size: 45.7 cm (97th percentile) - Let's face it, we all know she gets THAT from her Daddy.

Only one shot this time. Piece of cake! And no more of those till she's 12 months - Hurray!

Only one hitch - poor little bunny is constipated! We are doing our best to manage it with diet alone, instead of putting her back on one of the meds she was on before that helped her stomach contents empty more quickly, and she got HUGE relief on Tuesday (the type that necessitated an emergency bath, if you know what I mean), but she's back to struggling again. So I think we will back way off on the solids feeds and hope that Mommy's milk does the trick.

The pediatrician thinks that we will be able to take her off the reflux meds all together in a month. Woohoo, can't wait!


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