Friday, February 5, 2010

Bear With Me...

I'm new to the blogging scene.

I started this blog yesterday on a total whim. I just wanted an excuse to ramble on about my favourite topics - my 7-month-old daughter, Lilah, and motherhood in general.

There are still so many things to figure out. Who do I want reading this blog? Will it be just for friends and family to keep abreast of Lilah's progress, or will I eventually have the confidence to share the link with others? Should I make it password-protected and by invitation only? Or should I invite just anyone who happens to have an internet connection in to hear my thoughts on such a sacred topic? Will the blog be all about Lilah, or will I branch out to other topics? Will I bore potenial readers (family, friends, randoms) to death droning on and on about the tiniest details of our day-to-day experiences?

I haven't answered any of these questions. Yet. I think for now I will just write what's on my mind and see what happens. Let the blog take on a life of its own and learn as I go.

So bear with me.

One thing that did come to me right away was what the blog should be called. We've started calling Lilah our li'l Lilahbility now that she is essentially mobile. She crawls around commando-style, belly sweeping the floor, collecting whatever cat hair or dirt we've been remiss enough to leave behind. She can move across the room with surprising speed, given her chosen mode of transportation, and she is into absolutely EVERYTHING. She's particularly interested in anything dirty, dangerous, or tiny enough to present a choking hazard. Our babyproofing hasn't quite caught up to her yet (and I suspect we will always be half a step behind her), so I've been spending my days chasing her around the apartment and struggling to find activities that will keep her in one spot for more than thirty seconds.

Adventures in mommyhood. The learning curve is steep, but the payoff is incredible!


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