Monday, February 18, 2013

10 Tiny Things That Bring Me Joy

I am absolutely in love with this idea for a Listicle topic. 

But. It's almost too easy!

These 10 tiny things bring me great joy.

But that would be cheating, wouldn't it?

Okay, okay, here's my real list of tiny things that bring me joy:

1. Using things up.

2. Donating or passing along things our household no longer needs or has outgrown, like clothing and baby items.  I get an extra special thrill out of seeing friends' kids wearing clothes that used to belong to us.  Especially super cute and quality items that my kids only got the chance to wear once or twice.

3. Paying for small purchases with exact change.  Call me old-fashioned.

4. A place for everything and everything in its place.

5. Voting with my dollar and buying local when possible.

6. Remembering to bring change for the parking meter, shopping cart, or locker at the pool.

7. Discovering an inexpensive white wine that I like the taste of.

8.  Having my tweets retweeted.  I know, it's vain in a ridiculously superficial sort of way. But it still brings me a tiny thrill every time.

9.  Glancing over at the alarm clock and realizing it's the weekend and the kid(s) have managed to sleep in.  These days, even an extra 20 minutes makes me extremely happy.

10. Dessert.

What tiny things bring you joy?



  1. That's funny, but I'd do the same! Can't get enough of baby toes, or toddler toes for that matter!

  2. Donating things and de-cluttering feels so good. I also love exact change.

  3. number 4 is a huge joy for me too. I just love walking into a clean, clutter free room. Sigh....

  4. I'm "old-fashioned" too and nothing better than finding #7. :D

  5. Tee hee....

    You had me at toes... until ... yes, cheap wine.

  6. The toes were good enough for me ;)
    But oh, the wine? I'll take that too!
    Also, yippie for having exact change for parking meter and such, I hear ya on this one!


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