Tuesday, January 29, 2013



the dark circles under my tired eyes,

the grey hairs that are becoming more and more commonplace atop my head,

the ever-present messy bun,

the increasingly prominent crows' feet,

and the weird pigment spots that linger long after the pregnancy hormones have gone.

But also:

the softness of his chubby little cheek against mine,

his gummy smile,

the way his eyes light up when I am near,

the fluffy tufts of hair that multiply with each passing day,

fat little wrists and thighs that also seem to get thicker day by day,

his sweet, intoxicating baby smell.


the big picture - all that comes with this thing called motherhood. 

Photo by Adam Schwartz of The Two Hosers Photo Show


  1. This is such an important lesson, one that I didn't really embrace with my first baby but did so much more with my second baby.

    I love his fuzzy hair! Josie was such a baldy for so long but it is finally starting to grow and I can't stop ruffling it with my fingers!

  2. Such a beautiful post, and I love that picture. It's amazing how much we want our first one to reach those milestones so quickly but I think I truly treasured them with my second.

  3. Look at those smiles! That, is motherhood.

  4. You are beautiful, Amanda. That photo is gorgeous, and so glad you're embracing all parts of yourself. :)

  5. Beautiful post! The words are perfect and that photo is just gorgeous!

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  7. What a beautiful, sweet and "real" post. Love the picture too ;)


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