Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ode to a Long, Hot Shower

He yawns and fusses a little in my lap, signaling his fatigue.  This is the moment I've been waiting for. I begin the dance. Up and down, back and forth, until his little head nods to my rhythm and his eyelids droop.  I settle him into the chair, turning on the vibration and gently bouncing it until his eyes close for good.

He sleeps.

I start the water running.  Hot.  As hot as I can stand it.

I shed my stained clothes and step over the barrier, my skin crawling with a mixture of chill and anticipation.  I immerse myself in the magnificent spray, letting it massage my scalp and drip down my back.  I shiver in its deliciousness.

I luxuriate under the building steam, slowly massaging the lather into my skin and hair.  I watch the suds slide down the drain, taking with them the smells of sour milk and unwashed hair. Rinsing away the sleeplessness of the previous night.

Do I have time to shave my legs?

I gently ease back the curtain and take a peek. Still sleeping.

I scrub and scrub, secretly hoping to annihilate the line of pigment that curves its way down my abdomen, and the one curiously lonely stretch mark I acquired during my first pregnancy.

Soon, too soon, it will be time to get out.  I will emerge, renewed, in a billow of steam just as the first little whimpers start.  I will quickly dry my hair and throw on my fluffy robe in time to scoop him up and drink in his special Mama smile, bright eyes, and new baby smell. 

I am at once relaxed and revitalized.  A fresh start.


  1. I think I feel relaxed just reading this... which is a bit creepy since its your shower and all... but from one Mommy to another, these are one of the few "me" moments we sometimes get, so go you!!!!

    1. Well obviously I'm okay with other moms creeping ony shower, otherwise I wouldn't have written this! ;)

  2. Beautifully written. But there is a ban on long showers due to low water in our area... ;)

    1. Ha, yes, forgot about that! But you're right, it's not very environmentally friendly of me. Luckily (?) they only happen once every few days.

  3. There is no such thing like a long shower after you become a mom! It is one of the greatest luxuries in the world.

  4. Hope you have a relaxing weekend. Enjoy your little one.

    {Stopping over from SITS}

  5. Love this post! There are not many things better than a relaxing shower.

  6. This was wonderful! except, it's too weird to say I felt like I was in the shower with you..??? LOL

    I always try too much. I go for the leg and armpit shave and then....crap. awake. or someone needs and there I am all suds-up and with my shampoo mohawk (you did that too, right?) dripping in my kitchen. I have to learn to be content with the 2in1 shampoo/conditioner and the kids soap pump.


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