Monday, July 23, 2012

Great Expectations

“That was the thing about the world: it wasn't that things were harder than you thought they were going to be, it was that they were hard in ways that you didn't expect.” Lev Grossman

I think it's safe to say that this very same quote could be applied to parenthood.

Sure, I had high expectations for myself as a mother.  Didn't we all, before we became parents?

Turns out mine were fairly lofty, given my experience in working with kids and my knowledge of child development.  Today I'm over at Greta's place talking about the great expectations I brought to motherhood from my professional role as a speech-language pathologist.

Greta lives it up in Kansas, g-funk style, and looks after her four kids, all while wearing her sassy pants.  Now that's one busy mama! She's funky, she's fun, and she just threw a rainbow-themed party for two of her girls, one of whom just turned three.  Great minds think alike.  Come visit me over at GFunkified!



  1. Your quote is oh so true, and I love the rainbow theme that seems to be floating around this week!

  2. Great quote. I really enjoyed your post over at Greta's! :)

  3. so so true. especially when applied to motherhood. I knew it would not be easy, but have definitely been surprised by what exactly has been challenging.

  4. Love this quote and really liked your post.


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