Friday, June 8, 2012

May Marvelousness

Time for Best of the Blogosphere, May 2012 edition.

Bianca simultaneously added a fun new word to my vocabulary and made me snort my drink out my nose with this post: What the Poopfart?  (Caution: refrain from drinking anything carbonated while reading.)

Over at The Adventures of OBB, Kate took a dark topic and made it light.  It's pretty much impossible to feel sorry for this strong survivor, but if you want to know The Top 10 Reasons It Is Cool To Have No Boobs, click here!

I can so relate to Amber's post, Eating Chocolate Chips on the Sly.  Guilty as charged!

Sometimes (um, let's face it, with kids, a lot of times) photo shoots don't go quite as you envision them.  Susan made me laugh with her Mother's Day Photo Fail.

Bruna's daughter showed that she might just follow in her blogger mommy's footsteps with this one:
Advice from a Teenager.  I'm going to have to store some of those tips away in my brain and pull them out in about, oh, ten years or so.

And finally, though I didn't get around to posting much in May, my favourite Lilahbility post was this one, mainly for the photos, because I managed to snap them at that most magical time of day when the sun is setting and light is golden.  And it's been rainy and cold ever since.

Now head on over to Time out for Mom 
to check out some more favourites!


  1. That's for the mention Amanda! Lots of great picks this week :)

  2. some great entries....I've been trying to casually work "poopfart" into conversations since that post too! LOL

    thanks for linking up!

  3. I saw your shout out on twitter earlier today and have been trying to get on to read your post ever since! That kind of a day...P.A. day around here equals 3 kids home and a house full of teenagers. Maybe I should read Bruna's post

    Thanks so much for the shout out!! xo

  4. I also loved Eating Chocolate on the Sly by Amber. I totally do that.

  5. I love the Poopfart one too! As for my teenagers advice to moms, it was more of a ...hey my own mother, don't do this! kind of post more than anything else. I got her writing though so I'm happy.


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