Monday, May 14, 2012

Baby Bucket List

In a couple months, life is going to change significantly, and I've been working on a mental list of things I want to accomplish before this baby comes along. Here's what I've come up with for my baby bucket list so far:

1. Enjoy this pregnancy, as there is a very good chance it will be my last.  (I've been doing better at this one since I stopped feeling nauseous all the time.)

2.  Make sure to get lots of photos of myself pregnant, for the same reason as above.  (So far I am failing miserably at this one.)

3.  Be a well-dressed pregnant woman.  (I give myself a B+ on this one thanks to a recent shopping spree.)

4.  Try not to stress too much. (We've bought a new place and are selling our condo, so I might be squeaking by with a C- here.)

5.  Pamper myself a little. (Solid B grade.)

6.  Gain less weight than I did while pregnant with Lilah.  (No comment.)

7.  Get lots of prenatal massages.  (Only one so far.)

8.  Spend time with friends I might not see for a while. (Thankfully, bridal showers, bachelorette weekends, and weddings have a way of making this happen.)

9.  Pick a name for baby boy. (Not even close.)

10.  Spend some quality time with my sweet girl before her world is totally rocked by the arrival of her baby brother.  (I'm hoping July brings lots of opportunities for this.)

Have anything to add to my list, experienced mamas?


  1. One thing I did in preparation for baby #2 is made little craft/activity kits for Sarah that I could pull out when I needed to nurse, especially at the beginning.
    I hope we get a chance to see each other this summer. Take care,

  2. I was very pensive about the arrival of baby #2 and how it would shake things up. I was so happy when it was a smoother quieter transition than I had thought was possible. It was amazing to see how my first child responded so lovingly to the new baby.
    I had also really really wanted way more photos of me this past pregnancy. I kept planning on having my husband take some and it literally did not work out. I got a few snap shots and one nice 'session' in the park near the end, but I had been really hoping for a progression type (month 3, 5,7...etc).
    Go get those pregnancy massages!! Hope you are enjoying your growing baby bump!

  3. Love your bucket listing! I never gained much during pregnancy but I gained more since i started blogging then with a baby together...
    You are such a beautiful pregnant woman you should absolutely take more photos!!!

  4. I've only had one prenatal massage and was so disappointed :( Maybe it was the place, not sure. Boy names were so much easier for us than girl names, good thing we only have boys I guess!

  5. Baby number 2 is easier than the first one...I was more relaxed. Make sure you have lots of books to read your girl and a big comfy chair that all three of you can fit into:) Good luck!

  6. #6 made me lol! I said the same thing with each pregnancy and it so never happened. I just could not.stop.eating.
    And #2...if this is your last, please do a maternity shoot. I know it's a bit hokey but I love my photos so much now. Even if I was as big as a house.

  7. Congratulations on the pregnancy :)I say ditch number 6, and embrace being OC about food, pregnancy is an swesome excuse not to set food limitations on yourself.

    Study boy behaviour. Seriously, and be prepared, they are SOOOO different than girls.

  8. That is a great list. I second the maternity/family shoot. You will treasure those moments.


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