Friday, March 2, 2012

February Favourites

Well, so.  February.  What to say about February?  It was extremely looong for such a short month (yeah, that extra day just really did me in), and I can't say I'm sorry to see it go.  March means the beginning of spring!  And flowers!  And birds chirping!  And prepping for Easter!

But back to February.  Here are just a few of the fabulous posts that helped me get through this cruel, exhausting month:

Runner Mom Jen made we swoon with her entry on Surrender.

Tears sprang to my eyes while I was over at Schwartz Chronicles reading Lisa's thoughts on how time marches on and babies grow up in Booster Seats and Roller Coaster Rides. This one really hit home for me!

Sue at Cookie's Chronicles picked some excellent songs for the soundtrack of her life and I sighed with contentment on reading #10 on her list.

Germaine at Kiddothings brought a much-needed smile to my face with this post on New Arrivals - expected the unexpected!

The way Galit of These Little Waves weaves words together always leaves me in awe and this post on things getting easier is no exception.  Absolute perfection.  (Plus, it reminds me why we decided to try for a Lilahbility part deux.)

And finally, my favourite post from my own little corner of the blogosphere this month was about winning life's lottery.  I walk around every day with horseshoes up my butt and rainbows on my horizon.  When I really think about it, February never even stood a chance!


Thank goodness for splatter painting and cupcakes!
(Instagram for iPhone: my newest addiction.  My user name is lilahbility if you want to follow our adventures there, too.)


  1. Awww, thanks so much, Amanda!!
    And thank goodness February is done...I can't wait for the wonderful things you talk about for Spring!

  2. I can hear the birds chirping already and the flower buds are starting to show. So excited to be in March and can't wait till the first day of Spring.

    LOVE the photo of Lilah and her ladybug umbrella :)

    1. She's pretty proud of that umbrella! :)

  3. Wow. Thanks for including my post, Amanda. Is that even allowed, my being the meme host and all? : > I had a really good cry writing that one.

    I enjoyed your "winning life's lottery" post - I so love hearing stories of moms who have found their calling, who have found balance, and who love their lives!

    1. Well, the "balance" part is questionable, but the other stuff, yeah. :)

  4. She's too cute! Love that ladybug umbrella. I want one.

  5. Hi Amanda,
    Thank you so much for the shout out. I am really proud of that post. I have not been blogging much this past month as I was working on some stuff for work. But hope to get back on the horse on a more regular basis in March. Love the photo of sweet Lilah at the splatter party.

  6. This is so very kind, and generous of you! Thank you, friend!

    (And oh my, those boots! Love!)


  7. I suck at keeping up on Blogspot these days, so I'm sorry to hear February was not "all that." I hope March is kinder! Off to read your charmed life post now. ♥

  8. I feel really smug for saying I read all these blog posts :) lovely recap and I must say it is fun following you on IG!

  9. some great choices! I think my kids would definitely pick Germaine's post as their fave -- they were just in awe of those little critters.

  10. I can't wait to go and check our some of these posts!


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