Saturday, October 30, 2010

Is it Time to Get a Mom Suit?

If you haven't been paying attention* or you're just tuning in, I'm a Mom.  I have found that being a Mom comes with certain fashion restrictions.  When you're nursing, for example, you are limited to tops that provide easy access to your baby's source of nutrition.  Large, shiny earrings are pretty much off-limits for the first few years of your child's life, and heels can get pretty uncomfortable when you're chasing a toddler across the playground. When your baby has a snotty nose, it's best to avoid dark-coloured clothing.  When your baby is pukey, you don't want to wear anything that is not machine-washable.  These are the rules I generally abide by.

But, I will confess, there is one piece of impractical attire I am still clutching on to.  The bikini.  I have not owned a full-piece bathing suit in years.  Lately I have been taking advantage of my Fridays off from work to take Lilah swimming at our local (brand new!) indoor pool.  At eleven a.m. on a weekday, the pool is full of elderly people and moms with babies and kids. It feels very strange to wear my bikini at an indoor pool amidst a veritable sea of full-piece bathing suits.  But I've never been one for swimming laps, which means I haven't spent much time in indoor pools.  I wear my binkinis in the summer and when I go on vacation.  To me, the point of wearing a bikini is to get a tan on my stomach.

Girls in bikinis on vacation, January 2010
So, the question is, do I need to invest in a Mom Bathing Suit (or at least a one-piece number)?  Is wearing a binkini a faux-pas at an indoor pool? What do you think?

* But if you haven't been paying attention, what the hell are you doing reading my blog?


  1. OMG if you have the abs for it, ROCK that bikini! Don't go quietly into that good night of a one piece.
    I however, have such hideous stretch marks a bikini is NEVER going to be in my wardrobe again. :(

  2. sista! you can totally wear a bikini to an indoor pool! having spent much of life at pools, i can tell you that one-pieces are the norm for most swim teachers, elderly, and people who feel less than confident in a two-piece, which is A LOT of people! therefore most people will be in a one piece, but you certainly don't have to wear one if you'd rather be in a bikini. rock it. cuz seriously, one piece or not, no one's really hiding much anyway.

  3. A - great post..great question...when I signed Ry woke for mommy tot swim class i had the same dilemna... so what i did is I got a tankini!!!!! which still has the "sexy element" but is still "respectful" to wear at the kids swim class....

  4. There are some pretty stylish one piece suits out there these days!

  5. I haven't been a bikini person since I was a teenager, and only wore one during pregnancy because I had no choice. :) But I think you look great and should show it off!! Those of us in mommy-suits (onepiece, in black) are only eyeing you up in jealousy, not because it is inappropriate. :)

    I'm so beyond the onepiece/bikini/tankini dilemma. I've moved on to wondering at what age I can start wearing a swim, but true.

  6. Hey Amanda.
    I vote for the tankini. This summer I bought a mix and match suit with a tankini top and a string top.
    A one piece is not convenient when you have to go to the washroom, especially when you are in a hurry and with kids.

  7. I think as long as you are comfortable nursing in it, go for it!


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