Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Creative Genius?

What do you think, internet art critics?  Does my daughter have a brilliant future as an artiste?
And, more importantly, will this photo, as her first documented piece, one day be worth millions?


  1. A creative genius I am sure. Get ready to rake in the dough! Happy Wednesday.

  2. I particularly like the way she framed the photo and took into consideration the length of the afternoon shadows on her carefully selected pieces of chalk. There is a pleasing subtle symmetry to her work that is outstanding and unusual in such a young artiste. Tremendous promise. Kudos to the talented young lady! I look forward to following her progress.

  3. LOL, C! I love your critique. I'll pass it along to Lilah, and will keep you posted on her future artistic endeavors.


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