Sunday, September 19, 2010

Copy Cat

We have a copy cat in our midst.  These days, we can rarely get away with anything without seeing our own actions reflected back at us by way of a tiny mirror.

Toilet paper:  When she follows me into the bathroom, Lilah just has to have a square of toilet paper.  Usually she just wrinkles her nose and makes a sniffing sound while placing the square of TP in the general vicinity of her nose, but the other day she copied exactly what I was doing and wiped between her legs.  This gives me hope that someday she will sit on the toilet, too!

Hats: This kid loves talking about, wearing, and hoarding hats of all kinds.  In fact, anything that can be worn on or near the head is fair game.  Sunglasses, bibs, goggles, scarves, and hats are all of great interest at the moment.  Lilah never fails to notice (and "comment") when one of us is wearing a hat or sunglasses on our head, and more often than not, she will find a way to get her hands on said accessory.

Cell phones:  Phones are coveted items over here at Chez Lilahbility.  Since I have a smart phone coming to me as a belated birthday present from the Hubs, I don't mind her playing with my ancient Motorola beater.  Her favourite activity is flipping it open, jabbing her fingers at the buttons, and putting it to her ear while greeting her fictional caller with a casual "'Lo?"  In the case that no cell phone is immediately available, any other object can be used as a stand-in for this game, including but not limited to the following: TV remote, banana, shoe, sidewalk chalk, baby monitor, water bottle, thermometer, etc...

Food:  It used to be that we could sneak our own food while Lilah was busy working on something baby-appropriate, but these days, the second an adult plate becomes visible to her, she has to try what's on it.  This kid is persistent, so it's either share my cookie with her right off the bat or wait until the pointing and grunting become too urgent, loud, and/or high-pitched to ignore.  The Hubs has developed his own strategy for dealing with this, and that is to wolf down his share with unrivalled speed.

Cleaning: Lilah has recently started to show an interest in wiping surfaces clean after eating.  Yesterday she used her tortilla as a cloth to wipe up the water and uneaten bits of lunch sitting on the table in front of her.  Now that's resourceful, don't you think?

Swearing:  Don't worry, I'm just kidding!  But if there ever was a perfect time to clean up our potty mouths, now would be it. It won't be long before our little copy cat is able to imitate our every word!


  1. wow - seems like i could have written that!!! a toddler can be so much fun :)

  2. My adorable, then 2-year-old daughter totally yelled, "Dammit! They're out of blueberries!" once at top volume in the grocery store. In front of some old ladies. Of course.

    Toddlers are so fun!

  3. Haha, so funny, Amber! It IS pretty upsetting when there are no blueberries to be had!

  4. RE: Swearing, you are so lucky that one was a joke. Ari has dropped the F-bomb a couple of times now and it's horrifying.

    He also loves TP and cell phones! He pretends to talk to his friend Nelson on the phone CONSTANTLY! Kids are so funny!

    How old is Lilah now?

  5. She's 14 months, so I think we have some time before she starts swearing. (As a speech therapist, I can tell you that the f-word actually has some difficult sounds in it, so really you should be proud that Ari can make them at only 2 1/2!)

  6. Theo is all about wiping stuff down or should I say spreading stuff around. He gets down on his hands and knees and "trie"s to wipe up the MESS under his high chair! Cell phone, yes, a big wanna. In terms of meals, it's drinks that are the killer. Mark was unimpressed when I gave him two slurps of a G&T. I was sure he would hate it. WTF!


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