Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Ghost of Blogging Past

It's been almost two years since I started Lilahbility - can you believe that?  I know for you, dear readers, it probably feels like two decades ago just yesterday.  Thanks to Mommy2Cents and Chosen Chaos and their Ghosts of Blogging Past Linkup, I am going deep into the archives to bring you one of my very first posts.  I tend to cringe a bit when I read old posts, but I'll take one for the team.  I know, I'm a giver.  You're welcome.

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Here's what I posted on February 13, 2010: 

 No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk

Whoever invented that idiom was probably male and obviously had never had the pleasure of hooking himself up to a breast pump. Pumping is the bane of my existence, but a necessary evil if I am to enjoy any independence from my li'l Lilahbility.

Every drop of breastmilk is precious, and spilling some of the hard-earned liquid has always, at the very least, elicited a swear word or two from me, if not tears. (Okay, the tears were more during my extremely hormonal early postpartum days, but still!) I now understand why one dad I know refers to the stuff as "liquid gold."

Around 9:30 every morning after Lilah goes down for her first nap of the day, the familiar sound of the pump can be heard around our apartment- in fact, that's what's playing in the background at this very moment! Shhhh... can you hear it? Suck-suck, slurp-slurp, they're playing my song!

Personally, in one pumping session, I can only pump a quarter to a third of what Lilah takes during a big feed. That means three or four days of pumping for one measly bedtime bottle.

Bagging, labelling, freezing, and counting my store of milk in the freezer has become almost a compulsion for me. All is right with the world if I have 40-50 ounces stored up. Any less than that, and I start to get a little edgy. Those little plastic bags in the freezer are the key to my freedom!

So now are you really going to tell me not to cry over spilt milk, Mr. Idiom-Maker-Upper-Man?


  1. Ha ha, this was funny! I bottle fed all three of my girls so can't relate but I've often heard my friends complain about the same thing. Feel for you back then :P

  2. I've actually cried before. Truth. NOT something I miss doing, that's for sure!

    Love seeing you here!! Thanks for linking up with us!!

  3. YES. I have also cried over spilt milk. More than once. Because IT SUCKS!

    Also, I'm glad to read another blog that was started two years ago, instead of sometime this year like so many others!

  4. LOL! Envious here because none ...not ONE... of my 4 kids would take a bottle EVER! I cried over that, I can tell you :P

    But I understand what you mean :) Freedom at any price! And don't go spillin' it!

  5. Oh the pump. I do not miss you... Hey you were always funny, who knew :)

  6. How funny! I am now currently living through this and have already cursed at my husband when he tipped over the bottle. Liquid gold and freedome, yes ad YES!

  7. Amen to all of this! The first two months of my son's life were spent crying over my inability to get my son breastfeeding. (If I could go back in time, I would say: "This is one part of the whole experience! A little formula is OK!" Seriously. Breastfeeding ran my life.) I had a few instances where I spent the better part of an hour crying over spilt milk, but then . . . we found our groove, and I didn't spill so much anymore, from bottles or from my eyes.

    I hate pumping so much. Love breastfeeding, hate pumping.


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