Sunday, March 20, 2011

House of Lilahbility 2011 Spring Style Guide

It's that time of year again.  Spring is springing and the dark days of winter are slowly giving way to brighter skies.  Time to stash away those heavy winter coats and dreary colours and let your sense of style shine through!  You may remember Lilah's spring fashion tips from 2010?  Well, she's been at it again!  I recently sat down with the style icon herself, and picked her brain on the hottest upcoming trends. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Lilah's top ten fashion tips for spring 2011!

1. Thanks to Katy Perry's latest single, "E.T." and the hit show "V," the space look is all the rage for spring!
Take me to your leader!
2. Bubble skirts. A spring fashion staple.

This look accentuates the curve of her considerable belly,
increasing the cute factor by about 1000%.
3. With the right attitude, you can make even a hospital gown look sassy and stylish.  Here, Lilah wears hers off the shoulder for an asymmetrical peekaboo effect:
Gown on loan from BC Children's Hospital.
 4. Having a bad hair day?  Try a beanie.
Some online shopping (with Daddy's credit card, of course!) and a sippy
full of your favourite watered-down beverage will also help chase away the bad hair blues.
5.  Treat the world around you as your own personal catwalk.  Sidewalks, pathways, even coffee tables, can all be used to showcase your fabulous inner fashionista.

6. Not sure what to wear?  Try your birthday suit.  The weather is starting to get warmer, making this look perfect for spring.  People will be blown away by your confidence!

The perfect look for lounging around the house on a lazy Sunday morning.
7. Have "people" - every fashionable diva needs an entourage.  You just never know when you are going to be called upon to look stylish.
Lilah's stylist puts the finishing touches on her outfit.
8.  From our beauty department: blueberry is being heralded as the it colour of the season - for eyes, for nails, and, if you're really cutting edge like Lilah, you might even want to attempt a blueberry 'stache. 
Note: this is a very youthful look, best left to the toddler/preschool set.
If you were born before 2005, you may not be able to pull this look off.
 9.  Wondering what to do with that tired old onesie that's getting too small?  Try shaking things up by wearing it unbuttoned and untucked for a totally badass look.
I'm far too cool to tuck this shirt in.
10.  Do whatever you can to avoid having the paparazzi snap photos of you in unflattering situations.
Don't.  Just don't.


  1. A great post Amanda. Creative and Lilah has thought of everything. I am off to do a little on line shopping. I feel some blueberry calling my name.

  2. Fabulous! I want to buy a bubble skirt because of how well Lilah pulls it off!

  3. Also VERY good with hair clips ;)

  4. Man, I am REALLY loving this yearly tradition. I just wouldn't know how to dress my toddler for the season ahead if I didn't have this blog!!

  5. Haha! Laughed out loud at the nakie shot ;)

  6. Lisa - Lilah asks that you please stick to blueberry nail polish and eye shadow. At our age the 'stache is a major faux pas. ;)

    Sarah - do it!

    Harriet - good eye, you spotted another hot trend for spring! We'll call it #11 - the bonus tip.

    Celina - stick with me, kid. ;)

    Charmaine - She has such a cute butt, it was a shame to censor it, but I didn't feel right about putting the original up for just anyone to see... glad the comedic effect still came through!

  7. Uncle Chris24 March, 2011

    So cute!

    There's a recession on, and I'm sitting here looking at a large cardboard box. The kind of large cardboard box which is far more important than whatever came inside it....


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