Monday, June 13, 2011

Toddler for a Day

Sometimes I wish I could walk around in Lilah's shoes, just for a day.  Wouldn't it be fun to experience life the way our kids do?  If I could be "Toddler For a Day", I would:
  • Throw toys around, draw on the walls, and make the house look like a bomb went off in it.  And then I'd let someone else clean it up, just to show how much power I have.  Mwahahaaaa!
  • Eat with gusto and complete abandon, with no concern for appearances or propriety. (Well, okay, if you asked the Hubs, he'd probably say I do this already, but in this case I'd really give 'er.)
  • Embrace the random.  I would demonstrate totally erratic behaviour and be completely unapologetic about it.  How liberating that would be!
  • Catch some much-needed Zs.
  • Lose my inhibitions.  I would sing like nobody's listening, dance like nobody's watching, and clap my hands and giggle loudly at anything I found amusing.
  • Play hard and play hard.  None of this "work" nonsense!
  • Exert my independence at every turn.
  • Experiment with fashion and re-invent myself from day to day.
  • Repeat the same phrase over and over again for as long as it takes to produce the desired reaction.
  • Play "chase" at every possible opportunity. Time for a diaper change?  Chase!  Time to get my shoes on and get out the door?  You'll have to catch me first!
  • Take advantage of the cute whenever possible.  If that involves manipulating others, then so be it!

What would be your first act as Toddler for a Day?


  1. That's easy: Jump naked on the couch!

    Love this post! They really do know how to live in the moment!

  2. I used to say this all the time, although more about living with kids than pretending to be one. I always wonder what life must be like when you don't take some time in your twenties or thirties to live with someone who has thoughts like, "I think I will wear a dragon costume everywhere today" and "I will only eat orange food now" and "garbage trucks are THE COOLEST THING EVER INVENTED". It really helps to shake up your perspective.


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