Friday, June 3, 2011

Monthly Recap: What I learned in May 2011

This is part of Amber Strocel's "What I learned" monthly link-up.  Go check it out!

1.  I stepped out of my fashion comfort zone and bought a dress that I normally wouldn't give a second thought to.  And when I asked the blogosphere for opinions, I wasn't disappointed - your comments were generous and your suggestions showed how stylish you all are.  I was even treated to a mini footwear fashion show by a real-life friend and came home with two pairs of her shoes to borrow as back-ups!

2.  I started training a speech therapy practicum student and realized how much I actually have learned in the six years since I started my clinical practice.  You never know how much you really know until you start trying to teach someone else from scratch.

3.  I discovered that you can actually learn a few things in Sin City.

4.  I got my first official head shot at VancouverMom's Top 30 Fabulous Mom Bloggers party (I know, I know.  Flogging. Dead horse.  Enough.), where I learned that, though I have always considered myself extremely un-photogenic, the pros can actually make me look kinda good.  But I'm still not planning to ask how much digital enhancement was done on this photo.

5.  15 family members and two dogs in one four bedroom house over a long weekend can totally work!   Especially if you somehow manage to snag the master suite with en suite bathroom and walk-in closet (I promise I didn't go all ninja on anyone to procure this luxury).

6. Your child telling you you look pretty, whether you're wearing a nice dress or the old U2 concert t-shirt you wear to bed, makes you go all swoony and melty inside.

7. Relinquishing control of the camera can lead to some pretty decent shots.  Bonus: I get to be in some of them!  I need to do this more often!

He's not a single dad after all!

8.  I  geeked it up by entering the time-sucking vortex that is Twitter.  I'm still learning how it all works.  Next month I may even be able to tell you what a hash tag is!
9.  I've become one giant ball of cheese.  But with good reason.

10.  When I filled in my time sheet at work, I realized how much overtime I put in this month - no wonder I've been so tired!

What did you learn in May?


  1. I think you look fantastic in your head shot. And I don't think they used any touching up.

    I learned that there are always too many things to do in May.

  2. Seems like a pretty good month! You look fabulous in your 'head shot' picture too. I love the lovely red belt.

  3. Love your head shot! I think "mind sucking" is an appropriate usage for what twitter does to you.:).That is so cute that Lilah tells you that you look pretty. Aw!


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