Friday, April 29, 2011


Lilah has been sick a lot this year.  Apparently a child's first year of daycare can do that.  There have been countless colds, several bouts of barfiness, and about eleventy million fevers. And that means a whole arsenal of pediatric drugs.  It's not that I love the idea of giving my child over-the-counter medicines, and I do try to avoid it where possible, but the fevers tend to make it a necessity.

And I have become an expert at getting her to take this medicine.  Even in her sleep.  Especially in her sleep.  I tiptoe silently across her room, grope blindly for her mouth, pry her lips apart, slip the syringe in, and push the plunger, delivering 8 hours' worth of sweet Advil peace to her feverish little body.  She has thus far retained the ability to suck in her sleep that infants are so famous for.  I wonder how much longer I have before she starts jolting awake during my attempts to drug her...?

Poor thing doesn't even know what hit her!


  1. I didn't want to comment because as you know, I have the barf-free, sick-free toddler who I'm sure is going to get it BAD one day when I least expect it. All I can say it I'm sure you are not alone, and now I know why Lilah is so tough!

    And... Congratulations on your nomination as one of Vancouver's top 30 bloggettes! Well deserved and the party will be fun!

  2. I had no idea! The Hubs Googled it and apparently I made the list. And I am total tool for not checking the email attached to this blog - so there's no photo and the bio is my boring little "about me" on my profile. I'm a dink! Ah well, thrilled to be in such great company!

  3. ooo - that's exciting news! what is that all about and how do you get nominated? i definitely enjoy checking out your blog - we have lots of similar experiences. oh, and after i saw the photo of lilah sleeping, i realised that i could take some of jake too without disturbing him - i have to stop myself from making it a nightly occurence!


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