Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mommy Brain

Well, we all know I'm a word nerd. And if you didn't, we established that in my last post. So, imagine my chagrin at having lost the ability to retrieve the perfect word from my mental... what's it called? Oh yeah, lexicon. Just one of many skills that have fallen by the wayside since I got pregnant and had a baby. I am constantly experiencing that horribly annoying "tip of the tongue" phenomenon. I find myself using 5 words when one would do... if only I could think of it!

The results of a 2005 study ("Mommy Brain") from Simon Fraser University suggest that the sex of the baby has an effect on mom's memory. Women in the study who had girls showed poorer memory skills than those who had boys.

So if this blog sucks, you know who to blame. No, not Lilah, it's not her fault she was born with girlie bits! I blame the Hubs. After all, he's the one who contributed an X chromosome instead of a Y.

To compound the problem of baby and nursing hormones shrinking my gray matter, I rarely find the time to work out my brain the way I used to (or my other muscles, for that matter, but that's a whole other blog entry). Since Lilah came along, it now takes me about ten times as long to even read a book. And I'm not talking a deep, profound read, people! If you asked me what I'm reading right now I'd be embarassed to admit that the only thing I have on the go is the March issue of Glamour magazine. Oh, the shame!

My fear is that this situation won't be rectified by the time I have to go back to work. A speech-language pathologist who can't speak doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the hearts of parents and children! I'd better get going on some crossword puzzles or something.

So, yeah...*Insert perfect witty closing line here* (For your information, I had a good one but... I forgot what I was going to say.)


  1. *insert offbeat yet appropriate comment here*

  2. As a grandma, I say, "Huh?"
    Pretty soon those language skills will be a dim memory! Keep up the good work...the stuff that counts.


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